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Before describing the proofs that convinced me that God exists, we must briefly discuss whether one Supreme God exists or are there multiple god in control of different parts of the universe and earth? Islam and Judaism believe in one God. Traditional Christianity believes in the existence of a Triune God [one God] who exists in three forms Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Hinduism believes in thousands of gods. Sikhism believes in one supreme God but acknowledges that other inferior gods such as those of Hinduism may exist. What is the truth?

Astronomy has showed us evidence of battered planets in our solar system and the existence of the asteroid and Kuiper belts which point to a cosmic war that took place in the distant past, perhaps between gods. That seems to point to the existence of multiple gods. And yet, today we see perfect control in our solar system where all the planets continue in their ‘appointed’ orbits, governed by definite laws. If the orbit of the earth was to change slightly, life on earth would not exist. It requires supreme intellect and power to make such laws and sustain them. That is evidence for the existence of a single, supreme Creator God, in perfect control of the universe.

There are some groups who deny the existence of God by recycling old gnostic arguments that no God can be in control of the earth because of the disasters that humans experience such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, famines, droughts, and disease epidemics, resulting in misery, pain and suffering. They provide that as their justification for believing in the existence of multiple gods.

Another twist of such theories, which the Germans believe in, can be found in the book titled “The Gospel of Judas”, edited by Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer and Gregor Wurst with Commentary by Bart Ehrman. Ehrman makes this statement on pages 84-85:

“Traditional Christianity has taught, of course, that our world is the good creation of the one true God. But this was not the view of the Gnostics. According to a wide range of Gnostic groups, the god who created this world is not the only god and in fact is not even the most powerful or all-knowing god. He is a much lesser, inferior, and often ignorant deity. How can anyone look at this world and call it good? Gnostics saw the disasters around them – the earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, famines, droughts, epidemics, misery, suffering – and they declared that the world is not good.”

“…Some Gnostic thinkers explained this evil, material world by expounding complicated myths of creation. According to these myths, the ultimate divine being is completely removed from this world, in that he is absolutely spirit – with no material aspects or qualities. This divine being generated lots of offspring known as aeons who, like him, were spiritual entities. Originally this divine realm, inhabited by God and his aeons, was all that existed. But a cosmic catastrophe occurred in which one of these aeons somehow fell from the divine realm, leading to the creation of other divine beings who therefore came into existence outside of the divine sphere. These lesser divine beings created our material world. They made the world as a place of entrapment for sparks of divinity that they had captured, to be placed within human bodies. Some humans, in other words, have an element of the divine within them, at their core. These people don’t have mortal souls, but immortal souls, temporarily imprisoned in this capricious and miserable realm of matter. And those souls need to escape, to return to the divine realm whence they came.

“The myths narrated by the various Gnostic groups differed widely from one another in many of their details…But their overriding point is clear: This world is not the creation of the one true God. The god who made this world – the God of the Old Testament – is a secondary, inferior deity. He is not the God above all who is to be worshipped. Rather, he is to be avoided, by learning the truth about the ultimate divine realm, this evil material world, our entrapment here, and how we can escape.

“I should stress that not everyone has the means to escape. That is because not everyone has a spark of the divine within them: only some of us do. The other people are the creations of the inferior god of this world. They, like other creatures here (dogs, turtles, mosquitoes, and so on), will die and that will be the end of their story. But some of us are trapped divinities. And we need to learn how to return to our heavenly home.”

This is why the Germans believe that salvation is only for them because they have the divine spark in them whereas all other humans are like animals. This belief has been the cause of much cruelty practiced by them throughout their history. They no longer hide the fact that Satan is their god who guides them. It also explains their denigration of Christianity because according to their philosophy, the Christian God is an inferior God.

The theory of evolution is another German hoax perpetrated by a German masquerader (a person of German ancestry living in a country with a name common to citizens of the country) named Charles Darwin. They know it is a hoax perpetrated by them under Satan’s influence. That’s why Germans can duplicitously use the occurrence of natural disasters on earth as their ‘evidence’ for ‘believing’ in the theory of evolution and atheism, as well as for their belief that the God of Christianity is an inferior God.

If multiple gods rule the earth, then we would expect humans to be fighting each other, which is what we see on earth today. That seems to provide evidence that more than one god rules the earth. On the other hand, if one Supreme Creator God rules the earth, then the only proof that would convince me that He is the Almighty is that He demonstrates His ability to protect human beings under all circumstances. Another way that would convince me that a God is Almighty is if He makes some promises to human beings and has the power to keep them; or He predicts many things and has the power to make them all come true under all circumstances, precisely as predicted.

The Bible solved the mystery of multiple gods, despite other evidence pointing to one Supreme God in perfect control of the universe relatively easily for me when I considered that Satan the devil is active on earth. The Bible reveals that He was a created angel named Lucifer, originally created perfect. He was sent at the head of a pioneering party of angels to rule the earth. But he and the angels with him rebelled against God. He stormed God’s throne in heaven with the angels under his command. They were defeated and cast back to earth. The destruction we see in our solar system, and perhaps elsewhere in our galaxy and other galaxies is the result of that war. His name was changed to Satan, and the angels with him on earth came to be known as demons. Since then he has been an enemy of God and opposes Him in every purpose and project. He was with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and deceived them into disobeying God resulting in their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Mankind was created to qualify and replace Satan and the demons as rulers on earth.

Since Satan and the demons are God’s created beings, they are mere pips compared to God and Jesus Christ. But God has left them in charge of the earth, though still subject to His rule, until mankind receives salvation by being made immortal sons and daughters of God. Till that time, Satan masquerades around as the god of this world, as Paul the apostle said in 2 Corinthians 4:3-4, “3 But if our gospel [good news] be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: 4 In whom the god of this world [Satan] has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” Satan is the one who leads human beings to fight, do violence to and kill each other.   

Now coming back to the question of the kind of proof I sought that convinced me that God exists.

I wanted three kinds of proof: 1) Man was created by God and did not evolve; 2) an Almighty God exists who has complete control over the affairs of mankind and is fully capable of protecting those who obey Him; 3) and God who further demonstrates His almighty power by being able to state that He will do something and bring it to pass unerringly, or in other words God’s ability to tell the future and bring it to pass.

Proof 1 – Man was created and did not Evolve

In early years as an engineering student, I was an atheist as I accepted without questioning that the Theory of Evolution must be correct, because I thought that the brightest minds in the world, 99.99% of scientists and engineers cannot all be wrong. However, in 1970 I came across the magazine “The Plain Truth” published by Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God. The magazine published probability calculations for even the simplest protein forming from amino acids by random combinations. It was one chance in 1048. I began to suspect that the theory of evolution was false.

I was clear in my mind, that if man did not evolve, then the only alternative is that he was created, and all the material universe was created. And creation demands a creator. All the sum total of our experience tells us that something cannot create itself out of nothing, and then begin governing itself by well-defined laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. We also know that laws have to be sustained, and that requires power. I was finally able to prove to my entire satisfaction that evolution is a hoax. Here are the proofs.

In the first step in evolution, it assumes that matter has always existed. A most foolish assumption without any basis. The Big Bang Theory shows that the universe was created at a specific point in time. Those scientists who are willing to look at the evidence with an open mind, attribute that to a primal cause, meaning God. Evolution simply has no way to explain the material creation. So, it fails in the first step of its explanation that life evolved.

The proponents of evolution want us to believe that the second step in the evolutionary process is that the gas molecules present in the atmosphere combined to form amino acids through discharges of electric energy from lightning. (Of course, based on their first assumption, these gas molecules have always existed, which has no credible explanation other than creation.) These amino acids accumulated in a pre-biotic hot soup. Then random combinations in the ocean of pre-biotic amino acid soup formed all the proteins, enzymes and other molecules necessary for life.

How probable is it that random combinations of amino acids will produce the required proteins to form the simplest single-celled living organism? Fortunately, astronomers, mathematicians and other scientists have made probability calculations that give us a good idea of how likely it is that the required proteins can be produced by random combinations of amino acids.

For example, the probability of 300 amino acids of 20 different types randomly combining to form the average sized protein is one chance in 10 raised to the power of 570. Even Dawkins and Hitchens, rabid advocates of the theory of evolution, were forced to admit that proteins did not form by random combinations of molecules. So, evolution fails in the second step of its explanation for origin of life.

According to evolutionists, once all the necessary proteins had formed by chance, and all the chemicals necessary for life had accumulated, when all the conditions were just perfect, then through a lucky accident the first simplest single-celled living creature was formed. This according to them is the third step in the process of origination of life and evolution.  

According to this step, life originated from non-living matter. But this concept is contrary to one of the most basic laws of nature: the law of biogenesis, according to which, life can come only from preexisting life.

Throughout nature there is abundant proof of the daily working of the law of biogenesis.  No fact of science stands more conclusively proved. Evolution has not been able to provide a shred of evidence to disprove this law despite carrying out experiments under the most ideal conditions. Life did not come into existence by itself out of matter. The third step in evolution did not and could not have taken place.

In the fourth step, evolutionists would have us believe that once formed by a lucky accident, the simple single-celled creature gradually and progressively evolved through tiny increments over millions of years to higher, better-adapted forms of life such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and eventually primates (apes) and man.

When Charles Darwin proposed his theory in the mid-19th century, he anticipated that fossil discoveries would provide convincing evidence in support of his ideas. He predicted that countless transitional forms would be found in the fossil record. But no such creatures exist. They are completely absent from the fossil record.

If traditional evolutionary theory were true, the fossil record would have the following features:

•    Simpler life forms would gradually appear.
•    Simpler life forms would gradually evolve over time into more complex life forms.
•    There would be numerous transitional links between different kinds of creatures such as fish and reptiles, and reptiles and birds.
•    These transitional creatures would have partial features such as new limbs, bones and organs in various stages of development.
•    The less complex life forms would become extinct. For example, if chimpanzees evolved into man, then there is no logical reason why chimpanzees should still exist. All should have evolved into man.

On the other hand, if creation is true, the fossil record would have the following features:

•    Complex life forms would suddenly appear.
•    Complex life forms would multiply “after their kinds” (Genesis 6:20), but with limited variety within those kinds. All the varieties and species of animals within the kind would be able to interbreed.
•    There would be no transitional links between kinds of creatures.
•    There would be no creatures with partial features such as new limbs, bones and organs; all parts would be complete and fully functional.
•    Various kinds of creatures would continue to co-exist.

After a century and a half of study and research, what does the fossil record show? It contains all the features predicted by the biblical account of creation.

CONCLUSION: None of the four steps in supposed evolution are feasible or took place.

For more detailed explanation, please read my 15-page article “Is Evolution True?” by going to the Literature tab. 

Thus, creation is proof that God exists.
Proof 2 – God Has Demonstrated His ability to protect those who obey Him

The second proof of the existence of God I sought was demonstration of the almighty power of God, ability to protect those who obey Him, and His total control over the affairs of mankind. The issue boiled down to God making promises to people and being able to keep them, which necessarily involves protecting those to whom He made the promises.

I found that proof in the book titled “United States and Britain in Prophecy” written by Herbert W. Armstrong in which I learnt of God’s incredible promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Judah and king David and how He protected these men from any harm by kings, evil leaders, in wars with empires, and sustained them during famines to fulfill His promises through nearly 4,000 years of human history. In fulfilling His promises, God demonstrated that He is fully in control over the affairs of all of mankind, and He is able to protect from harm those who obey Him.

All those promises and how they were fulfilled are described later in detail in this book.

Proof 3 – God Foretold the Future and Brought it to Pass

God’s Almighty power is also demonstrated by His ability to foretell the future and bring it to pass exactly as foretold. This proof is provided by numerous prophecies in the Bible of great events, the establishment and passing away of great empires in the history of mankind and bringing it to pass in precise detail. Fulfillment of these events is provable from world history. All these prophecies and their fulfillment is described in great deal in this book.   

In fact, this is the very challenge the God of the Bible hurls at the gods of every other religion in Isaiah 41:21-24 (Moffatt Translation): “Now, the Eternal cries, bring your case forward, now, Jacob’s King (God) cries, STATE YOUR PROOFS. Let us hear what happened in the past, that we may ponder it, or show Me what is yet to be, that we may watch how it turns out; yes, let us hear what is coming, that we may be sure you are gods; come, do something or other that we may marvel at the sight!—why, you are things of naught, you can do nothing at all!”  

Has the God of any religion dared to take up this challenge of the God of the Bible? No. Not one! This will also be discussed later.

God of the Bible further declares in Isaiah 46:9-10: “I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand…”

God of the Bible emphatically declares that He alone is God and there is no other God. But Krishna of the Hindus and Allah of Islam claim the same thing. Only an Omnipotent Being has the power to actually foretell the course of cities, nations, kingdoms and carry out events that span centuries or millennia. Only God can establish nations and empires and then pronounce their destruction and bring it to pass. No human can do that. The gods of all other religions have not taken up the challenge, because they are no gods but idols, or the figment of man’s imagination, or liars like Krishna, and deceived people like Mohammed of the Muslims, according to the God of the Bible.  

Yes, prophecy and its fulfillment is a great proof of the existence of God. It is also proof of the divine inspiration of the holy book that contains prophecies already fulfilled in precise detail over the past nearly 6,000 years of history. Numerous prophecies are discussed in detail later in this book.

Since we can prove God exists, we can discard all religions that are entirely the philosophies of men as a poor guide on how humans should live. This means that we no longer need to waste time with atheism, secular humanism, animism, ancestor worship, atheistic communism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Confucianism and the like to determine which holy book is the word of God.

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