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8)  God’s Judgment on the Banias of India

For the next message that I received I believe in 2005, I must first provide detailed background.

Till 1998, I thought Germany, USA and democracies of northwestern Europe were allies.  Then in late 1998 or early 1999 I discovered that the Germans were not allies at all but had been clandestinely carrying out a campaign to destroy the USA, British Commonwealth nations, the democracies of Northwestern Europe as well as the Jews starting in the early 1960s.  They had also been carrying out a vendetta against all peoples who had fought against them in both world wars by joining the British armies in their nations. 

What Germans Have Done After WW2 in Israelite Nations

They were behind schemes in assisting men like Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and such dictators to come to power and use them to destroy their own peoples through mass-murders.  They were also behind helping terrorists like Yasser Arafat to rise to power and commit worldwide acts of terrorism against Jews, the British and the American peoples.   

Then I discovered the existence of German masqueraders in all white countries of the world, particularly in America, British Commonwealth nations and France.  Such masqueraders had been able to take over the economies of these countries and had reduced much of the population of Israelite background to virtual economic slavery.  They helped Germany loot the economies of Israelite and all white countries of Europe by buying German goods and services so that Germany was able to provide welfare to its citizens from cradle to the grave.     

They were behind the millions of abortions, the hundreds of thousands of medical murders annually and the disappearance of millions of children, men and women, including burning many alive in electric crematoriums.  They were the serial killers who terrorized our populations.  They were engaged in marrying and divorcing men and women of Israelite origin, who were then forced into poverty as single parents caring for a child or two.  They had also obtained most of the jobs in welfare departments of state and local governments [I witness this in my job in the State of Florida’s welfare department] and denied benefits to people of Israelite origin or made it extremely difficult and a harrowing experience for them continuously to obtain benefits, while helping masqueraders and their allies easily get the benefits. 

They orchestrated the hippie movement in order to destroy the marriage institution as much as possible in Israelite countries.

They were behind impregnating young teens and having children which ruined their lives, and were behind forcing many interracial marriages with threats.  They orchestrated the immigration of millions of people from other races into Israelite countries so that Israelite countries would be racially mixed and they themselves could gloat that they were the fairest people on earth, and use that as evidence for their delusion that they only were divine and the rest of humanity was like cats, dogs and mosquitoes with no future life.  They also murdered Israelites with the ruddiest appearance so that they would come out as the fairest looking in the world. 

They tried their best to control the population of Israelites by preventing many from marrying with threats, particularly the good looking ones; forcing women into prostitution, forcing others into drugs and homelessness, besides abortions and the disappearance of many.  In effect there is a missing half generation of Israelites in America and Britain, as well as France.

They allowed terrorists to immigrate into our countries, who committed violent acts, helped them earn money by setting up businesses and use it to finance terrorist organizations in their countries to commit acts of terrorism against American, British and Jewish peoples worldwide.

All the immigrants came fully committed to the hostile nations led by German masqueraders and their allies within our nations to work to impoverish by discrimination and destroy people of Israelite origins.  The immigrant doctors committed medical murders in our countries.  All these immigrants bought German goods and services and products of companies headed by masqueraders to enrich Germany.

My Personal Experiences with the Germans and their Allies

I came to the USA in 1981 and have had many personal experiences.  I learnt that I was deliberately prevented from getting a decent job.  Even when I went into business in development and marketing of software, the German masqueraders interfered in my relationship with my business partner so that they could destroy my business and pass on my idea of getting into IT Tech services to their allies in India.  All the big IT services firms in India with hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization were based on my original idea.   

I was prevented from growing my Accounting and Consulting business by the hostile nation threatening me with frivolous law suits by my clients.  As a result I had to close my practice.  Till my present job with the State of Florida, the longest I had ever held a job in my entire life was less than a year and a half with a two month break in between.  And that too was a job with a fake inventory company getting paid near minimum wage.

I was constantly harassed in my daily life, not being allowed to sleep properly at night for nearly two decades.  Then I realized that hundreds of attempts had been made on my life in America in every possible way.  These attempts included actual numerous poisonings; attempts to have me shot numerous times, torn apart by dogs, large males getting involved in rough and tumble wrestling near me to embroil me and then hurt me.  One even tried to break my back so that I would be paralyzed for life.  Doctors and nurses tried to infect me with the HIV virus or use high energy X-rays to damage my heart or kill me.  They have had big rigs try to run me over on the highway while traveling in my car.  They tried to drive me mad by denying everything that people were doing to me saying I was imagining all this, and everyone turning away their faces from me.  That was the reason they asked me to see a psychologist who referred me to a psychiatrist who pronounced that ‘my judgment had been compromised to try and destroy my chances of even making a living.  The psychiatric profession had ruined many lives in a masquerader led conspiracy.

They even tried to have me buried alive twice.  Fortunately they tried to use members of God’s Church to do that.  In the first case, a member had passed away and I was invited to the cemetery to bid last farewell to the member. I saw a pit dug and members just sat around it.  There was no body or casket.  Besides us members there was no one else around.  We prayed and then we just came back home.  That was the strangest burial I had ever witnessed.  Only years later I realized that it was an attempt to bury me alive.  Besides one of the persons likely being a tare or an infiltrator in God’s Church who could have possibly carried out the dastardly deed, all others were genuine members who I believe would have prevented such a thing from happening.  But the German masqueraders believed that some of these members were German masqueraders.

In the second incident, I was invited to a cemetery for interment of another member who had passed away.  There were two members which the German masqueraders believed were masqueraders, but they were not.  However, there were 4 other people who did not belong to the Church.  There was nobody else around.  One of the Church members shook his head vigorously a few times as if signaling that I should not be there. 

Again there was no body or casket.  We just gathered around a grave which had a solid cast iron cover on it.  A prayer was said and we dismissed.  Another strange last farewell to the departed!  Of course later I realized what these last farewells to the departed actually were.  Those were to be last farewells for me before I was buried alive.  If the members had been genuine masqueraders, I am sure I would have been buried alive.  I don’t know what dissuaded the other 4 fellows, 3 men and a woman from carrying out their dastardly deed.  Perhaps they saw a vision of angels or something on my face that dissuaded them as they looked at my face intently. 

Just imagine the cruelty of being buried alive or being thrown in a grave with tape over your mouth, and feet tied and a massive cast iron cover bolted over it to die there over a period of days or weeks.  I have thought about it.  But the name of the game for the masqueraders is to kill their victims with the maximum pain and suffering as prolonged as possible as they can inflict.  Or try to imagine the cruelty of being tied and put into an electric crematorium to be cremated alive.  They could prolong that torture to inflict as much pain and suffering as they could.  The only way to dissuade such behavior is to spare none of the cruelty and brutality they have done and inflict the same on the masqueraders and other perpetrators.  Do to them as they have done.  This will act as a deterrent for the future.  And of course the same cruelty with nothing diminished has to be inflicted on Germans in Germany who ordered all this cruelty in the first place.

All this happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA.  I have had armed policemen come and knock on my door in the middle of the night and wake me up.  They just asked some questions such as if I knew anything about a shooting in the neighborhood.  But in each and every case their scared look makes me believe that they were seeing a vision of a threatening angel that dissuaded them from murdering me. 

When the realization of what the intention of the German masqueraders was came to me around the year 2000, and I also figured out what my personal experiences over the previous 20 years in the USA meant, and what brutal high crimes with the utmost cruelty the Germans masqueraders had been committing in the USA, I reached the conclusion that there was absolutely no alternative but to exterminate the masqueraders, man woman and child.  It has been 15 years since I made that judgment.  I have never changed my mind about it.  With the way they continuously trouble me to date, it just reinforces my judgment, even though it does not need any reinforcing.  There is absolutely no alternative for all nations but to exterminate the German masqueraders living in their midst.

What the Germans have done in Non-Israelite Nations 

While all this was going on in our Israelite nations, soon after World War 2, the Germans developed and maintained a worldwide network to punish peoples who fought against them in both world wars.  I personally was born and raised in one such group that bore the brunt of German wrath.  I was born and raised a Sikh in India, and Sikhs had contributed the largest number of soldiers by percentage of the population to the British Indian Army than any other ethnic group and fought the Germans in both world wars.  In my family, my grandfather fought in World War 1.

I will illustrate the German strategy in four contexts in how they carried out their vendetta: in Iraq, Uganda, Israel and India. 

The problems the Germans had with the Iraqis was that the Iraqis occupied their ancient land known as Assyria from which they had been driven out around 612 B.C.  So they wanted to destroy as many Iraqis as possible.  Their strategy was to help a brutal military man from a minority tribe rise to power.  Because the strongman would be from a minority community, he would have to maintain power through brutality, by murdering all those who opposed him.  They found one such dupe in Saddam Hussein.  He kept himself in power by murdering tens of thousands of his people and brutally suppressing them.  They then induced him to start a war with Iran in which a lot of Iraqis and Iranians lost their lives.  Then they inveigled him into annexing Kuwait, which brought a coalition of western and Arab nations against him.  It ultimately led to his downfall.  But the Germans got their revenge against Iraqis for having occupied their ancient land of Assyria.

Their beef against the Ugandans was that they had served in the British African armies and fought against them in World War 2.  So they helped Idi Amin from a minority tribe to come to power who mass murdered more than 300,000 Ugandans to stay in power.  The Germans got their revenge on the Ugandans.

After the formation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948, Jews were hunting down Nazi criminals and mass murderers all over the world.  The Germans sought revenge.  They helped an unscrupulous murderous man named Yasser Arafat rise to power to become the head of a Palestinian terrorist organization the PLO, who committed to using terrorism against the Israelis, and their helpers the Americans and the British globally.  The Palestinians murdered two American ambassadors, a candidate for president of the United States, blew up or hijacked airline planes, murdered thousands more in suicide and other bombings over the past 45 years.  Americans were literally terrorized and hunted all over the world and were never assured of safety anywhere in the world. 

I thought the Oslo accords were the last hope that a lasting peace could be achieved. But we learnt that Yasser Arafat never had peace in mind when he negotiated.  The Palestinians negotiated as many concessions as they could. Then it was business as usual in continuing to murder Americans and Jews and seek the destruction of the state of Israel.  There was absolutely no chance for peace in any negotiations with the Palestinians.  That’s when around 1995-1996 I reached the conclusion that the Palestinians should be exterminated for having participated in a conspiracy with the Germans and having dared to commit high crimes against Americans worldwide.  Their subsequent actions have reinforced my decision that the judgment on them is correct.  If the Germans had been targeted by some people the way Americans had been targeted by the Palestinians, such people would have been exterminated by the Germans.  The Palestinians deserve nothing less from America.

The situation was much more complex in India.  Indians of all hues had contributed soldiers to the British Indian armies and fought against them in both world wars.  But the maximum contributions as a percentage of the population were made by Punjabis, both from what is now part of India and Pakistan.

The German strategy in India and Pakistan was to make alliances with business leaders.  They offered technological help to business men to set up industries based on Indian and Pakistani needs that would enrich them.  Most of the leading businessmen in India were the Rajasthan Marwaris, Sindhis, Gujaratis, Parsis and some South Indians.  The leading businessmen in Pakistan were Sindhis of Pakistan.  They helped these groups set up basic industries such as manufacturing hydrogenated oil, cloth and cement mills, sugar manufacturing plants and industries for processing commodities.  The price for doing so was to induce the Punjabis of India and Punjabis of Pakistan to fight and kill each other.  For this purpose they used the Sindhis of Pakistan to drum up the issue of Kashmir and induce the Pakistani generals to start a war with India over Kashmir.  Since most of the common border between the two countries was in the land of Punjab, bifurcated between the two countries, the Punjabis would have to fight and kill each other.

In India since Punjabis, particularly Sikhs, constituted much of the army, they induced their ally China to start a war with India.  So Punjabis, particularly many Sikhs died in the war with China in 1962.  Then the Sindhis of Pakistan, particularly Zulfikqar Ali Bhutto induced the Pakistani generals to start a war with India over Kashmir in 1965.  Punjabis from both sides died in that war.  Then in the Bangladesh liberation war on 1971, German Indian allies pulled a masterstroke. 

Sam Manekshaw, a Parsi was the General of the Indian armies and was put in charge of executing the war with Pakistan.  He persuaded Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to give him a free hand in executing the war, which she did.  Sam Manekshaw then concentrated all the war effort in Bangladesh and purposely left the Punjab border with Pakistan lightly defended.  The aim was to allow the Pakistani Army to literally walk into India all the way to New Delhi and slaughter tens of millions of Punjabis as infidels.  However God intervened and a brave Indian Second Lieutenant of Punjabi origin named Arun Khetarpal fighting in the Punjab sector scored kills of a few Pakistani tanks and was himself wounded.  He was asked to retreat from the battlefield by his commander, but he refused saying “Sir, my gun is still firing.”  He then died in the battle.  By the way his name means “Defender or protector of the battlefield.”  He lived up to his name to his last breath. 

Arun Khetarpal’s actions stalled the advance of the Pakistani Army, but only temporarily.  Nothing now stood between the Pakistani Army and its march to New Delhi.   However, the field commander of the Pakistani Army, General Pravez Musharraf refused permission to his army to advance.  The reason was that part of his family still lived in the Delhi area in India.  God put such a thought into General Musharraf’s mind and intervened to save the Punjabis in India, particularly the Sikhs from becoming victims of genocide.  If the Pakistani Army had advanced into India, Sikhs and Hindus would have been massacred as infidels.

However, this was not the only perfidy committed against the Punjabis by Indians and Pakistanis allied with the Germans.  What the German masqueraders did in the USA and British Commonwealth nations; they did to the Punjabis, but particularly the Sikhs in India.  They discriminated against them and impoverished them in every possible way. Since the Sikhs are a tiny minority in India, constituting only 2% of India’s population, and the central government controlled industrialization, they kept Punjab from being industrialized.  The entire defense and heavy industries were concentrated in South, Eastern and Western India.  Most chemical industry was concentrated in Gujarat.  Punjab had nothing but agriculture. 

Then there were Banias (whose ethnic origins are from Rajasthan) and Bhapas (whose ethnic origins are from Sindh in Pakistan) who live in Punjab who conspired to deprive other Punjabis of even small retail and other businesses.  This was easy for them to do because all their suppliers for their retail businesses were the industrialists who were already German allies and committed to discriminating against the Punjabis.  Because even the retail industry and commodity processing industries in Punjab were controlled by the non-Punjabi Banias and Bhapas, they could charge higher discriminatory prices to the other Punjabis, thus further impoverishing them.

The first computer chip manufacturing plant in India was set up in Punjab.  But the city of Bangalore was a rival and had also set up a computer chip manufacturing plant.  With their Punjabi allies, other Indians orchestrated the destruction of the Punjabi plant with a bomb blast. Since they controlled the insurance industry, they continued to stall the insurance claim for many years so that the Punjabi plant could never be rebuilt.  With such tactics, they continued to prevent Punjab from being industrialized and develop a technically trained work force.

The Germans had also shared their technology with these non-Punjabi groups living in Punjab that enabled them to convey threats electronically.  With such threats they forced Punjabis to get out of businesses that competed against them, and the most beautiful Punjabi women to marry them.  The industrial tycoons who employed Punjabi Sikhs, sent them on assignments out of town while they visited their factories and forcibly committed adultery with their beautiful wives.

Sikhs were harassed at every turn such as Sikh taxi drivers traveling from Punjab to Delhi being stopped and asked to pay bribes to be allowed to pass through with their passengers, or being detained at airports for a few hours in order to extract bribes for clearing their bags through customs, or deliberately making mistakes in passports in order to extract bribes when they have to engage in international travel.  I have firsthand experience in all this.

The large industrialists discriminated against Punjabis, particularly Sikhs in giving them jobs.  If some of them obtained jobs because of their engineering and scientific abilities, they were asked to train Marwari and other engineers.  After they had trained these men, they were fired from their jobs and replaced by the men they had trained.  In a personal example, I was called to Jaipur Rajasthan for an interview for an engineering job.  I spent two full days in travel and two full days there in the hot baking temperatures of Jaipur, but except for seeing the receptionist I did not talk to anyone.  No one came to talk to us.  We were not offered even a soft drink or a cup of tea. I came back after two days, having traveled and stayed in Jaipur at my own expense.  Of course, since then I have experienced similar things at the hands of German masqueraders in America.  That’s when I realized what this treatment by the Birlas meant.

I was a Ph.D. student in marketing and international business at Northwestern University.  I believe the famous recently retired Stanford professor of marketing V. Srinivasan came specifically to Northwestern University in 1983 to prevail on professors there to get me out of the program.  I was not allowed to complete my Ph.D. because of such activities of South Indians in America.

Gradually they deprived the Punjabis, but particularly the Sikhs, of gaining employment even in the armed services. Today virtually all the Sikhs we see in the Indian armed services are Bhapas who are allied with the Germans, and are thus deadly enemies of the Punjabis.

Then they trapped Sikh generals with perhaps small bribes or other incentives so that they could then accuse them of corruption and had them fired or be forced to resign.  This was practiced against Sikhs in other jobs as well.    

God's Judgment on the Banias

As I thought about all this and realized what we Punjabis, particularly the Sikhs had been subjected to, I thought about the most appropriate punishment on the Indians allied with the Germans.  I reached the conclusion around 2001 - 2002 that the most appropriate judgment for conspiring to subject the Punjabis, but particularly the Sikhs to genocide and nearly succeeding except for God’s intervention, is to kill one third of the population of the five south Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana; one third of the populations of the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Bengal as well as the Banias and Bhapas.  People from the other states will be dealt with according to their crimes, but not to the extent of having one-third of their populations destroyed.  Again this was the judgment I had been thinking about in 2001-2002.

When I was dwelling on these thoughts, then I believe in 2005 I received my next message delivered by God’s angel while I was walking around at home in the middle of the day.  The message was “The Banias are to be totally exterminated.”

I was absolutely stunned by this message.  I had thought that only the German masqueraders living in Israelite countries and the Palestinians should be totally exterminated, man woman and child.  Totally exterminating the Banias was far from my mind. 

But since then I have had more than a decade to think about God’s judgment delivered to me.  I had not known the extent of the wickedness committed by the Banias against the Sikhs.  I looked at the characteristics of the Banias in relation to the people they have discriminated against.  The glaring fact is that they live among the people, the Punjabis, they have affected.  That’s why they could be so effective in dealing with the Sikhs by delivering threats electronically.  They have discriminated against the Sikhs in a conspiracy with the Germans and carried out their discrimination clandestinely, systematically and thoroughly with devastating results on the Sikhs.  They have used threats to prevent Sikhs, particularly the handsome and very intelligent ones such as brilliant college professors from marrying in order to control the Sikh population in general and the intelligent ones in particular.  I know this from examples I have witnessed such as a college professor at IIT Delhi and a former bank manager at Punjab National Bank, and from my personal example as well.  They have forced the most beautiful Sikh and Punjabi women to marry them with threats.  They have incited violence and murder in Punjab through inflammatory journalism.  They and their allies have murdered our chief ministers, who are the heads of government in the states in India.

They thoroughly impoverished the Sikhs and enriched themselves fabulously at their expense.  They initiated and made bribery and corruption a way of life in Punjab.  Most Punjabis, particularly Sikhs (excluding the Bhapas) did not practice the way of bribery and corruption in general.  But when a particular ethnic group uses it to gain advantage, others are forced to fall into line in order not to be deprived of everything. 

And the worst of it all was that they taunted Sikhs by coining the epithet “All Sikhs go insane at 12.00 o’clock.”  Such epithets are highly offensive to any people.  But it was a German way of labeling those people who opposed them in World War 2 as retarded.  They have been doing it to the Norwegians and their stooges the Banias did it to the Sikhs.  This is probably a large part of the reasons God has pronounced His judgment on the Banias. And of course, the Banias and the Rajasthan Marwaris were behind all the attempts to murder me in India because I had shown some academic potential.  And just as the German masqueraders poured filth on Israelites in America literally and by contaminating food, the Banias did it in India to the Sikhs.

The Banias and Marwaris think they are smart and Sikhs are idiots because they have been able to rob them.  The Germans think they are smart because they have been able to rob the British and American people.  The Banias and the Marwaris learnt German tricks who themselves were guided by Satan.  When all the end-time global catastrophes are over with, God will teach the Banias, the Marwaris and the Germans a lesson that the way of evil does not prosper.

It was not due to any of the Banias’ and Marwaris’ intelligence that they were able to rob the Punjabis.  They used the tricks that Germans taught them and because they took the bribe they gave them in terms of giving them technology and enabling them to set up industries.  Sikhs and Punjabis could not resist the other Indians because they constitute only about 5 % of India’s population and perhaps 20-30 % of them are Bhapas and Banias.  In a democracy where the majority rules the Punjabis did not stand a chance. 

I have lived through all this time and observed the Banias’ rise to power from the early 1960s when their alliance with the Germans began.  They were petty shopkeepers then eking out a living.  But then as more industrial products became available, the sources of supply were the big industrialists who discriminated against all others and gave them favorable treatment.  So it was not any inherent intelligence of the Banias or the Marwaris that made them rich.  But ill-gotten success went to their heads and they committed evil crimes. That’s why God has pronounced His judgment on the Banias.  

When I took a long hard look at these characteristics of the Banias and how they treated Sikhs in a German led conspiracy, I realized how righteous God’s judgment on the Banias was.  And by passing this judgment, God also confirmed my judgment on the German masqueraders.  My judgment on other Indians is less severe, hence appropriate.

Incidentally, the three peoples that I have said should be exterminated have made the most multiple attempts on my life.  The Banias of course made or induced others to make many attempts on my life in India.  The German masqueraders have made hundreds of attempts on my life and still continue to do so on a regular basis.  The Palestinians have also made attempts on my life in the USA.   When I spoke against the Palestinians, I think once Yasser Arafat asked his lieutenants, “Why hasn’t he been killed yet?”  That was Yasser Arafat’s idea on how to deal with those who criticize him and the Palestinians.  He was told that many attempts had been made on my life by Palestinians in America, but an unforeseen force prevented them from lifting their weapons in all attempts.  Yasser Arafat then changed his tune.  However, my judgment on these peoples was not based on the attempts they had made on my life, but on what else they had done in conspiracy with the Germans.

When I shared my judgment with the world, Indians from affected states consulted their leaders and soon broke out into broad smiles.  They know the truth and labelled me as a “fool totally out of touch with reality.”  They know the truth that there are no Punjabi Sikh officers in the Indian armed services to speak of.  The few Sikh officers are all Bhapas whose ethnic origins are from Sindh in Pakistan who are German allies.  They also know that Punjab has no industry and no defense industry at all.  Punjab also has no chemical industry.  They even worked to prevent Punjabis, particularly Sikhs from even getting jobs in the chemical industry.  Obviously they think this looney Surd [another derogatory epithet for a Sikh], that is me, must be totally out of his mind to think Punjabis, or Sikhs in their current state are going to destroy more than 200 million Indians. 

What Indians Have Done to Americans

For the answer to that question, we must now learn what Indians have done to Americans.  Due to the Vietnam War many Americans, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands, ended up In India during the late 1960s and 1970s.  Among them would have been people of British descent as well as many German masqueraders.  The German-led conspiracy with Indians to destroy people of British descent as well as the Sikhs and Punjabis was already in full swing.

The German masqueraders would have identified Americans of British and other non-German European descent to their Indian allies to target them for murder and every other possible form of humiliation.  Many of these innocent Americans were murdered.  It was orchestrated mainly by the Marwari businessmen of Rajasthan.  I also believe the denizens of the dark palaces of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh were deeply involved as well in this conspiracy.  But no doubt other top business leaders such as the Tatas, other Parsis, other Indian businessmen and citizens from most states were involved in this heinous crime. Some of them were surely cremated alive in electric crematoriums as I heard of the existence of such crematoriums in India.  Burning people alive is a German penchant, which is evident today in the deeds of ISIS which I believe is another German creation.  Of course, the benefit for all those who murdered or humiliated these innocent Americans was fabulous financial rewards.  Many became rich in India with the help of the Marwaris and other businessmen.  Others got an opportunity to come to the USA to study or set up businesses.  They became rich in the USA and Britain.

Besides being murdered, the unfortunate Americans were humiliated in many other ways.  Women were subjected to rapes and have sex against their will.  We heard of an American woman being forced to marry a rickshaw puller.  I don’t know if the marriage lasted because there was a hue and cry over it.  But Americans should understand the mindset of the Marwaris and the Madhya Pradeshi and Rajasthani princes because of such vile deeds.  They did all in their power to murder such Americans or any British they found in India, or humiliate them in as degrading and contemptuous a manner as possible, cruelly inflicting as much pain and suffering as they could, the hallmark of the Germans.  It’s possible some may have been tortured before being murdered. 

Women were enslaved and others were forced to marry Indians against their will.  They committed such unspeakable horrible atrocities thinking no one will know as they did it all clandestinely, believing there would be no day of reckoning for such deeds.  They perhaps justified their deeds thinking God had delivered such people into their hands for punishment because of British rule over them. 

Such thinking betrays poor understanding of history on the part of these Indians.  They perhaps did not know that the American people are not the same as the British people.  They thought they were getting their vengeance against the British for ruling over them.  But they committed high crimes against innocent Americans.  Both Americans and the British are descendants of the patriarch Joseph of the Bible.  But the British are descended from Joseph’s younger son Ephraim whereas the Americans are descended from his older son Manasseh.  Indians also ought to have considered that the Americans were never favorably inclined towards colonialism, because they had to fight a war of independence to get rid of British colonialism.  They ignored this reality of relatively recent history.  But because of their greed for material gain and fabulous riches they made an unholy alliance with the Germans.  They took bribes to murder innocent Americans in the cruelest and most horrible manner.

These Indians should have stopped to ask themselves why the Germans were targeting the Punjabis in India and Pakistan and the Sikhs in particular.  They would have realized that the reason was having fought against them in both world wars.  But then all these Indians would have realized that they too were part of the British Indian armies and fought against the Germans.  In targeting the Punjabis, the Germans succeeded in dividing Indians and Pakistanis of various ethnic groups against each other and got their revenge on all.  Such is the diabolical cunning craftiness of the god of the Germans, Satan the devil.

But greed and the dreams of riches and literally controlling the entire country got the better of all these Indian groups.  They did become rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Since the German masqueraders controlled the visa process in American embassies abroad, many individuals got an opportunity to come to the USA to study or set up businesses.  They became rich in the USA and Britain. The princes of the dark palaces of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have been able to maintain their fabulous wealth by turning their palaces into tourist resorts which German masqueraders from around the world visit in large numbers in the millions annually, spending billions of dollars.  I know from personal experience that German masqueraders have been vacationing in these princely resorts for decades.  They then tell positive tales of their experiences so that others can be induced to visit them.  It has been a fabulous reward for committing the most gruesome atrocities against Americans.

All these Indians have been imagining that their fight is with the Sikhs.  That’s why they have broad beaming smiles on their faces because they know that there are no Sikhs in the armed services except those who are their allies; and there is little industry, leave alone any defense industry in Punjab.  But your primary fight is not against the Sikhs alone but against an alliance of America and British Commonwealth nations because you have committed crimes against innocent Americans.   We Sikhs will be more than glad to join them in this fight.  Most of the Sikhs are of Jewish and Israelite background themselves.  And the punishment of destroying around 200 million Indians is for targeting us for genocide at the urging of your German co-conspirators and nearly succeeding in doing so in 1971, and for coming to America and committing crimes against Americans of British descent.  You can clearly see God’s direct intervention in protecting us.  But as punishment for your wickedness, God has supported my judgment on how many of you should be destroyed by pronouncing judgment on the Banias that they should be exterminated.  God will wipe the beaming smiles off your faces and shut the mouths of the German mouthpieces like Subramanian Swamy and M.P. Shashi Tharoor and hundreds of others.

German Stooges in India

Subramanian Swamy taught me one course in economics at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) in which we learnt absolutely nothing of any value.  I remember his comments well when a British professor who taught workshop was about to leave India when his work was done.  Because IIT Delhi was set-up in collaboration with the British government, Britain sent instructors and professors initially to help establish IIT Delhi.  When the last one was about to leave, Subramanian Swamy’s comment was: “With your leaving India you will be raising the IQ level of both countries.”  A very witty but an utterly asinine comment!  India does not have a single technical or scientific journal with any kind of international reputation and Subramanian Swamy has the gall to make such comments. India should be grateful to the foreign countries that helped establish its various Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management instead of making such disparaging comments.  He still keeps spouting such rubbish to this very day, because he is a German stooge and mouthpiece in India. 

The same goes for Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor.  He recently participated in a debate at Oxford University on the subject “Does Britain owe reparations to former colonies?”  He also made extremely witty but highly acerbic comments at that debate, but demonstrated a total lack of understanding of economic reality.  I will address this subject in a series of messages soon to show that British rule benefited the colonies much more than it took from them and nail Shashi Tharoor’s misrepresentations.  One of God’s blessings on Joseph was that his descendants would be a colonizing people.  When God ordains something, it is always for the ultimate good of people.  Since it was God who helped the British win and rule colonies, He assured that it was for the overall good of the people they ruled.  I will prove that in my writing on the subject.

Shashi Tharoor is a German stooge and a mouthpiece for them, and was participating in this debate because Germans were forced to address the question of looting Jewish treasures and wealth during World War 2.  In order to get back at the British, German masqueraders in Britain organize such debates to bash the British.  Then such German stooges go into overdrive.  There have been other German stooges in India over the decades who blamed the CIA for everything such as even the price of onions going up in India; all in a bid to turn Indians against the Americans and the British in order to justify their unspeakable crimes against them.

Why God will Judge the Indians

To summarize the crimes of these Indians against the Americans:  You dared to touch American and British women.  You had the audacity to humiliate them.  You had the nerve to murder them, and the gall to murder them in gruesome ways. But in doing so you failed to recognize the foolishness in committing wicked crimes without any provocation not realizing that God brings evil to justice.  Now perhaps you can understand why God pronounced His judgment on the Banias.  My judgment on punishment of other Indians is less severe.  Hence God’s judgment on the Banias basically supports my judgment on other Indians.

The Indians who have committed these crimes against the Americans and the British have built their house on evil.  But a house built on evil will not stand.  Solomon the wisest man who has ever lived said in proverbs 13: 6, 9, 11, 21-22: “Righteousness keeps him that is upright in the way: but wickedness overthrows the sinner… 9 The light of the righteous rejoices: but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out …11 Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathers by labor shall increase… 21 Evil pursues sinners: but to the righteous good shall be repaid. 22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

You have built your houses on sand and not rock.  Jesus said a house built on sand cannot withstand the heavy storms and rains of catastrophic events.  He said in Matthew 7:24-27 (NKJV), “24 "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: 25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: 27 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall."  God will prove that to you when He carries out His judgment on you. 

Just imagine what the Germans would do to you if you touched or violated a German woman or forced her to marry an Indian against her will.  They will inflict such horrible punishment on you that it will be an indelible lesson for you as a race to never touch a German woman again.  If you have answered this question truthfully, you know what you deserve.  Do you think Americans will do any less to you?  You will experience the full rage and fury of the American people for having had the nerve to touch American women and men or force them with threats to do things against their will.  The only condign punishment for you is to suffer exactly what you have done to Americans, no more and no less.

God’s word says unambiguously that the wealth, riches and industrial empires that the Indians have built on evil will not stand.  God will prove that to you when He carries out His judgment on you. 

We do not punish women and children with brutality unless they have been directly involved.  But you have enslaved and raped women, and forced them to marry against their will.  Nothing makes American blood boil more than that, and forcing people to do things against their will. Indians will pay a very heavy price for their atrocities.

There is another standard of God’s judgment given through Obadiah the prophet in Obadiah 15, “15 "For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; As you have done, it shall be done to you; Your reprisal shall return upon your own head.”  That is the standard we will use to deal with you.  In keeping with this standard, we will not invent any new tortures or form of punishment, but will do to you exactly as you have done to us.  We will not add anything to the evil you have done to us.  But neither will we subtract anything from it.  So whether princes or paupers of Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh, or tramps or tycoons in all of India, if you have murdered Americans, the British or Sikhs, you will die in like manner.   .

Have you ever given thought to what it is like to be buried or cremated alive?  If you have cremated anyone alive in an electric crematorium, you will experience how it feels to be cremated alive.  If you have buried anyone alive, you will experience the same horror.  The empires and riches you have built on evil will be destroyed. You will experience all the force, brutality you have used and the terrors and the horror you have inflicted on innocent people in full fury and American rage.  As you have done, so it shall be done to you.

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