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[The source for the following brief history of man is the author’s two books on ancient history titled: “Satan vs God: From the Beginning to the Flood” Volume 1 and “Satan vs God: From the Flood to Abraham’s Call” Volume 2.]

Even though some don’t believe it, most have heard of the Bible story that God initially created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden. They could eat of every fruit in the Garden except of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But under Satan’s lying influence they disobeyed God and ate of the forbidden fruit. As a result, they were expelled from the Garden to build their civilization on their own with little guidance from God.

Their very firstborn son Cain murdered his righteous brother Abel. As punishment Cain was separated from the rest of Adam’s children to build his own civilization. In stubborn rebellion against and hatred of God Cain refused to raise domestic animals and continued to be a farmer. But his agricultural pursuits came to nothing because without maintaining the fertility of the soil with animal manure, the soil soon depleted. So, Cain was forced to constantly move to find new land that would yield crops. As a result, he became a vagabond on earth. 

At that time mankind had no good metal-tipped weapons (because the science of metallurgy had not yet been discovered) to hunt clean wild animals such as deer, wild sheep, goats and oxen. These animals were too swift for them. So, to supplement their poor crops, children of Cain were forced to hunt the slow-moving unclean animals such as the mammoths, elephants, bears, hyenas and the like. Of course, the other children of Adam faced no such problem because they kept domestic animals such as cows, sheep and goats.

According to the ancient historian Josephus, after wandering the earth for a century and a half, Cain came to live near Adam’s other children. He saw them living in relative ease and comfort because of the animals they kept for meat, milk, and for maintaining the fertility of the soil with manure. Cain and his descendants still refused to keep animals.  He then began to make a living by robbing crops and animals from the families of his brothers, Adam’s other children.

Then Cain saw that humanity needed items like salt, and building materials such as naturally occurring bitumen or asphalt. He simply occupied the sources of supply and called them his own. He then began to sell those things to anybody who could pay for them for what he needed. He also continued to rob and plunder, thus becoming a fugitive from the rest of society. For protection he built a great wall around his city.  Then he started fencing the grazing land that Adam’s other children used and called it his own. Others would have to pay him for the right to graze their animals in that land. 

Finally, just like the Mafia of recent years, he forced people to pay him tribute, or he would rob and plunder them or do violence to them. People could buy protection from his robberies and plunder by paying tribute. That is what the Bible calls Cain’s Way, the way of life he originated, which all of humanity has followed ever since.

Cain also continued to hate God and did not want to worship Him because of being rebuked when his offering of grains and vegetables was not accepted. He and his descendants also deified themselves and began to call themselves gods.  Their names ending in el, meaning the ‘eternal’ prove that. This is the origin of ancestor worship among Cain’s descendants. 

As punishment for his continually multiplying sins, non-white children began to be born to Cain. Thus, all the non-white races originated with Cain. In the meantime, the children Cain had left in other parts of the world when he wandered the earth also grew into tribes. Since they did not keep domestic animals, and continued to follow Cain’s wrong agricultural practices, and still did not have effective weapons to hunt clean animals such as deer, sheep and goats, they continued to follow the herds of mammoths, and elephants for their meat. They also lived a degenerate lifestyle in caves, and even became cannibals. Archeology has discovered their remains.

In the meantime, Cain’s descendants became worse and worse in following Cain’s lifestyle. Then rivalry developed between Cain and his descendant Lamech for control of as much of the population as possible for collecting tribute. Lamech also started the practice of taking multiple wives and marrying interracially. He began to take wives from the white descendants of the line of Seth, the obedient son of Adam after Abel was murdered. Some of these wives were taken by force.

Then Lamech and his children began to make great material progress. The greatest progress was made by four of Lamech’s children mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 4:20-22. Jabal became a great herdsman and kept vast herds of cattle. His brother Jubal became the greatest musician of his day and began to produce great musical instruments. Their half-brother Tubalcain developed the art of smelting and began to produce metals such as iron and brass and great metal products. Though the activities of their sister Naamah are not mentioned, according to Jewish tradition she originated the production of cloth and textiles. All this material progress brought immense wealth to Lamech and his family.

But they still hated the true God and would have nothing to do with Him. They continued to widen their influence forcing the rest of humanity to pay tribute. They deified themselves as gods, set up metal idols of themselves and demanded that they be worshipped by the people. Today we know Lamech as the god Jupiter, Jabal as Hercules, Jubal as the god Apollo, Tubalcain the inventor of the art of smelting to extract metals from ore as Vulcan, and their sister Naamah as the goddess Athena.

They were not content merely to have the rest of humanity worship them. They also under the threat of violence, torture and death forced the rest of humanity to stop worshipping the true God. They forced interracial marriages; themselves setting the example by taking scores of wives and mistresses.

Their influence had become so great that Lamech is the only human being in man’s history who seems to have come close to ruling the entire world.  Conditions had reached such a stage that only Noah and his wife, were left racially white, and only Noah refused to give up the worship of the true God. Lamech then threatened Noah’s life. Noah had to flee to protect himself and his family.

Lamech then died of old age. But after his death conditions on earth became manifold worse. Many strong men around the world started fighting each other to increase their influence. There was no one to enforce the rule of law. The strong men killed innocent people at whim, and some did it even for sport. Can you imagine tens of thousands of strong men vying for control of as many people as they could through force and intimidation, challenging, fighting and killing each other in individual combat? The result was that the world had become saturated with violence, and the thought of every human being was only evil continually. Then these strongmen wanted to be worshipped as gods and forced others to stop worshipping the true God.     

When God saw the conditions on earth, He decided to destroy everything on land and in the sky in a Flood and save only Noah, his racially pure 3 sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their four wives. But first God warned all of humanity through Noah for about 100 years to repent. When no one did, God drowned them all in the Flood. Perhaps you can now appreciate why God drowned that entire world because of its wickedness. They will be a sobered bunch when God resurrects them again to a physical life and gives them one more chance to repent and accept His way of life as the only way that can produce happiness, joy, peace, harmony and prosperity for all creation.

Conditions after the Flood

Noah, his wife, his 3 sons Shem, Ham and Japheth were all racially white. Shem had married a white wife. But Japheth married an oriental looking wife, a descendant of Cain, and Ham had married the negro Naamah, the famous daughter of Lamech, also a descendant of Cain. That’s how the 3 basic races, white, black and oriental, were preserved through the Flood.

After the Flood, Noah instructed his family in God’s way of life, but Naamah who was worshipped as a goddess herself before the Flood instructed her black children in the way their family had lived and ruled the world before the Flood. Japheth’s wife instructed her children in the way of life of ancestor worship that her family followed before the Flood.

Then the incident of Noah inadvertently getting drunk and Canaan the son of Ham and Naamah committing a perverted act occurred. This led Noah to pronounce a curse on Canaan, and prophesy about the future of the three races of his family. 

Before the Flood Lamech had ruled almost the entire world! Because of interracial marriages, the world had become filled with violence. God wanted to prevent one man from ruling the world again and prevent interracial marriages because it led to violence.  So, God gave Noah a plan to colonize different areas of the earth. This would separate the various races, and each would develop their own civilization, and not try to force their rule over others.

Noah took a ten-year long journey with his sons to different areas to explore lands to send colonies to. While they were gone, Ham’s son Cush, which means black, probably seduced and raped or had an illegal relationship with the strikingly beautiful young Semiramis, a great granddaughter of Japheth. She became pregnant and the black Nimrod was born to her as a result of that relationship.

When Noah returned from his journey, he refused to let Cush interracially marry Semiramis, and because he was already married to his black sister, probably with straight hair like Indians, and had children by her. Noah simply was not going to allow conditions to develop as they had developed before the Flood due to forced interracial marriages.

At that time wild animals multiplied faster than human beings and began to threaten the tiny human population.  Nimrod the physically powerful young black son of Cush and Semiramis rose to the occasion and began to protect humans from wild animals. He began to organize hunting parties to hunt and kill wild animals which drove them away from human populations. Thus, Nimrod began to be looked upon as a savior of mankind.

Noah then began to implement God’s plan and send out colonies to different areas of the earth. But Cush, Nimrod, Semiramis, and Shem’s son Asshur and a majority of humanity rebelled against God’s colonization plan. They refused to go to their assigned territories. Instead they separated from Noah and those loyal to him and went to the land of Shinar in modern day Iraq and set up their own civilization. Thus, after the Flood rebellion against God and Noah was led by the black part of the human family, though they had white and oriental followers as well.

These rebels began to hate the true God and in rebellion set up their own god, the Sun-Fire-Serpent god. They developed their own pagan worship system and set up a very high tower as a sanctuary for worship and began building a city. Cush and Nimrod became the high priests of the god they had set up.

Cush and Nimrod were also basically rebelling against not being allowed to marry whomever they wanted, mainly white women. Now they were free from Noah’s influence and again began to force interracial marriages among those who followed them.

Just as Nimrod’s great grandfather and Cush’s grandfather Lamech had done before the Flood, they too began to develop plans to rule all of humanity, and make the world of one race, one religion [their religion] and one society, under their control. To accomplish that they would probably have to assassinate Noah, his loyal son Shem and those with them who would refuse to come under their rule.

When God saw their plans, He decided to intervene. He confused the language of mankind and destroyed the tower (Genesis 11:1-9). Because of confusion of language men could no longer freely communicate with everyone else, but only with those of their own race. They were forced to separate by race and move away from the city they were building.  

After the destruction of the Tower and confusion of language, Cush, Nimrod and Semiramis began to pick up the pieces of their empire. Their goal to control the entire world population still remained. At that time the population of the world had reached only 5,000. Slightly less than half that number were loyal to Noah and Shem and had started going out in colonies as instructed by them. But they had not travelled far. So, the population of the world was still concentrated around the Middle East, in and around the land of Israel, Iraq, coasts of Egypt and the Mediterranean in Europe.

The destruction of the tower and the confusion of language were not lost on those in the Cush and Nimrod camp. They knew that the destruction of their project was from God, and they noticed that the language they could understand was only of those of their race, according to the division Noah had made for colonizing the earth. This caused a division in the Cush and Nimrod camp. Asshur the white son of Shem separated himself and built Nineveh to the north of the cities Cush and Nimrod were building. This is described in Genesis 10:10-12: “10 And the beginning of his [that is, Nimrod’s] kingdom was Babel [meaning Babylon], and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar. 11 Out of that land went forth Asshur, and builded Nineveh, and the city of Rehoboth, and Calah. And Resen between Nineveh and Calah: the same is a great city.” However, Asshur and his descendants at that time still were part of Nimrod’s empire, and worked with him, under his rule.

For the efficient working of people on their projects of building cities, places of worship and growing food, Cush [the Menes of Egypt and known as Manu in the Indian scriptures] had organized all the workers in their camps according to the tasks performed by them, as he determined what their ‘aptitude’ was. But this division of labor was rigid. Those working on growing food would always remain in agriculture and they and their descendants would not be allowed to change their work to construction and building. Those assigned the task of keeping the cities clean would always attend to that task. Cush and Nimrod enforced their rigid division of labor on all. The people could not choose what tasks they wanted to perform according to what they enjoyed or had an aptitude for. Such division was passed along to the children also as they grew up. 

The system Cush had originated which he and Nimrod enforced became highly oppressive. The people could not get away from it though many longed to do so, because of the fear of being killed for their rebellion. But others still did not forget the deliverance brought to them by Nimrod from wild animals and remained loyal to him, accepting their oppressive division of labor. 

The ancient Jewish historian Josephus describes the result of the policies of Cush and Nimrod in Antiquities I, IV, 2: “He [that is Nimrod] also gradually changed the government into Tyranny…seeing no other way of turning men away from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence on his power…” This was the nature of the merciless, brutal, oppressive, freedom-less regime that was developing in Babylon.

We see the continuation of this horrible and oppressive system in the development of the rigid caste system in India and to some extent in Egypt. The straight-haired dark Indians were Cush’s descendants. Raamah the son of Cush mentioned in Genesis 10:7 is none other than the Rama of Ramayana who was deified by his descendants. And Nimrod is being worshipped in India as Krishana. Both the Mahabharata and the Ramayana glorify the caste system developed by Cush, the father of both Rama and Nimrod.

Cush, Nimrod and Semiramis continued to develop their worship system opposed to the worship of the true God. At this time for the first time in human history Nimrod introduced live human and infant sacrifices in his worship system. The live humans being sacrificed were probably captives who rebelled against Nimrod’s religion.

Some evidence of human and infant sacrifices instituted by Nimrod can be found in the practice of Sati in India before the 19th century A.D., which is the wife jumping alive into the fire that is cremating her dead husband and immolating herself. Such evil practices are glorified in the Hindu scriptures. The British had to outlaw the practice of Sati in India to end it in the 19th century.

Other evidence of infant sacrifice by burning alive comes from the Bible itself. Nimrod was later deified as the god Baal. The Canaanites were Baal or Nimrod worshippers and infant sacrifices, i.e. burning them alive in the fire, was one of their practices. That is why God ordered the Israelites to exterminate them. But part of the population of ancient Israel ended up adopting their practices.

Can you imagine the hideous religious practices of these pagans? How would you feel if you were forced to give up your infant to be burnt alive as a sacrifice to the pagan god Baal or the Sun-fire-serpent god? Such was the tyrannical rule of Nimrod.   

Cush and Nimrod continued to promote and force interracial marriages. Evidence of forced interracial marriages can be found all over the world. Much of Japhethites, the ancestor of the Oriental peoples had joined Cush and Nimrod in their rebellion. 

Evidence of their mixing with blacks can be found in South and Southeast China, Tibet, Nepal, Southeast Asia, among Native Americans in north, but particularly South America.  Many in the pure white line of Arphaxad were lured to become priests with grants of lands and tax free status. They were also forced to mix with the black and yellow races. Their mixed descendants are the Brahmins of India and others are mixed among the Egyptians. Later interracial mixing has also continued to occur.

Rebellion against the Rule of Cush and Nimrod

The camps of Noah and Cush and Nimrod were not completely isolated. There was movement between them. Some escaped the camp of Cush and Nimrod to join up with Noah’s camp, while others who had gone out in colonies came and settled in Cush and Nimrod’s camp. One such person was Magog, the ancestor of the Chinese people, the son of Japheth. He and his descendants had gone out as colonists as instructed by Noah. They were allotted the land of China and were given maps by Noah on how to get there. This is not fiction. These maps were made by the Creator Himself and given to Noah as proved in the second volume of my book on ancient history.

Magog and his children took the north route to get to China over many centuries. But because of the cold conditions during their journeys Magog decided with a part of his children to seek out the camp of Cush and Nimrod, as he had heard they were building cities to live in and life was more comfortable.  

Magog soon got a taste of the brutal and oppressive conditions there. He objected to the forced interracial marriages of his descendants with the blacks. As a result, he was imprisoned by Nimrod. This eventually led most of the descendants of Japheth to rebel against the rule of Cush and Nimrod. As this resistance from the Japhethites got stronger over the years, Cush saw the handwriting on the wall. He departed for Ethiopia with his children with frizzy hair along with Semiramis to the land allotted to him by Noah according to God’s plan. Nimrod tried to maintain his empire in Babylon alone, but as the children of Japheth got stronger and stronger, he too was forced out and went to Egypt. Two years later his father Cush disappears from Egyptian history, presumably murdered by his illegitimate son Nimrod and his mother and later wife Semiramis.  

For the next 28 years Nimrod and Semiramis continued to propagate their pagan religion among the descendants of Ham in Africa, as well as the Canaanites. Nimrod likely also traveled and propagated his religion among the other sons of Cush with the straight hair who were still around the Middle East, but were destined to end up in India according to the allotment made for them in God’s colonization plan. He also had started making inroads into Italy, Spain and areas along the shores of the Mediterranean in Europe where some of the fairer descendants of Japheth had settled at that time. He was now beginning to make inroads into areas where Shem was active. At this stage, probably God decided Nimrod should be executed for his many crimes including live human and infant sacrifices. This is the first execution in the history of mankind ordered by God.

At that time Nimrod was in Egypt. Shem immediately set about the task. He came to Egypt from Europe and convinced 70 princes in Egypt and surrounding areas to join him in bringing Nimrod to justice. As soon as Nimrod got word of the plan, he wasted no time and attacked Shem and those with him. Nimrod and his forces were defeated, and he fled to Italy. Shem followed him and found him after a year, executed him, cut off his body into pieces and sent the pieces to different areas of the population which was still all mainly in the Middle East as a warning against apostatizing. Noah was still alive and well at that time and would live about 150 more years.

Thus, after the Flood, the black part of the human family led the rebellion against God.  Now perhaps we can appreciate why God prophesied the future of the 3 races through Noah the way He did. Even after the Flood, the black part of the human family ruled a majority of mankind. Over the centuries they were to lose their influence. If God had continued to let them materially prosper and rule the rest of mankind with force, they would have driven all of humanity away from the true God and forced everyone to marry interracially. The result would have been the same as before the Flood: worldwide violence, corruption and bloodshed.

After Nimrod was executed, a fear fell on the entire world population, which at that time was small and concentrated largely in and around the Middle East and southern Europe, around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. They could no longer openly worship their false Sun-fire-serpent god for fear of being executed. After Nimrod’s execution, Semiramis fled to the delta region of Egypt, and from there to Babylon. The world population at that time was only around 90,000.

At that time Noah left Armenia and took a 115-year long journey to visit the colonists he had sent to inquire about their welfare. When he reached Egypt, he saw that his descendants there were living a degenerate life style. He spent 50 years there, countering the pagan teachings of Cush, Nimrod, Semiramis and his own son Ham who by that time had been thoroughly corrupted by his wife Naamah. Noah’s work with the Egyptians was to lay the foundation of Egypt’s greatness in the centuries following.

Meanwhile Semiramis fled to Babylon and had an illegitimate son with Ninus II the son of Asshur and named him Horus. She soon returned to Egypt with her young son and reigned there. Horus subsequently became the ruler in Egypt. She continued to develop and propagate her pagan religion from Egypt.

Because of the fear of being executed for propagating paganism, Semiramis now began developing her Mystery religion, which later would become known as the Babylonian Mystery Religion. In this religion they outwardly worshipped objects such as trees, and creatures such as the bull, but those initiated in the mysteries knew exactly what they were worshipping. Bull worship was Nimrod worship and tree worship (which has come down to our time as the Christmas tree) was actually worship of Semiramis. Since Nimrod was worshipped as a bull or calf, his mother Semiramis would obviously be worshipped as a cow. That is the origin of cow worship among the Hindu in Indian.

Those not initiated in the mysteries just followed the priests in their worship without really knowing what they were worshipping. Over the centuries even the priests forgot what they were actually worshipping. But they continue to follow traditions and worship cows, trees and other objects even today.

It seems at this time Satan and the demons for the first time understood the very first prophecy given in the Bible in Genesis 3:15 (NKJV): “And I [that is God] will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed, it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” 

This is actually a prophecy of the woman’s Seed coming to earth to redeem mankind from death, making eternal life possible. That promised Seed was Jesus Christ. Satan bruising his heel was understood to mean that Satan would cause Him to be put to death. But He would bruise Satan’s head by defeating him and ending his rule on earth.

It seems Satan then immediately began developing a counterfeit religion through Semiramis centered around this prophecy. Nimrod was already considered a savior of mankind for having saved humans from wild animals. Now Semiramis deified him as the promised Seed of the woman sent to save mankind. She claimed he had been killed to save mankind. She then deified herself as the Mother of the Savior and began to be worshipped. That is how worship of the Madonna and Child originated with Semiramis soon after the Flood. It did not originate with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Bible nowhere tells us that Mary is to be worshipped in any way. Worship of the Madonna and Child in mainstream Christianity is an ancient tradition going back above 2000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, foisted on Christianity by the great false Church based in Rome.

All the false worship traditions, customs and festivals such as Christmas and Easter of modern Christianity are nowhere required in the Bible. Our modern word Easter comes from the name “Ishtar” which was the Assyrian name of Semiramis. Worship of the Trinity, the cross, hot cross buns of Easter, colored eggs and rabbits, the tree of Christmas, worship of the bull, calf and cow, worship of the Sun god on Sunday, worship of relics, start of the new year in the dead of winter, all originated with Semiramis soon after the Flood and have been foisted on a gullible Christianity by the false Church. Worship of idols had originated before the Flood and remained an important part of the religion originated by Semiramis.

Assyrian Conquests

Not only did innovations in pagan religion increase and flourish under Satan’s guidance through Semiramis, the religion began to be enforced on other people. The main instrument to accomplish this after Nimrod’s death was Asshur, the son of Shem, and his descendants. After Nimrod’s death, the Babylonians who were mainly Japhethites mixed with other peoples and the Chaldeans who were descendants of the white Arphaxad were active in Babylon whereas the Assyrians [whose modern day descendants are the Germans] became active in consolidating power north of them in the cities they had built. 

Much of the world population was still living around the Middle East and coasts of the Mediterranean and had not moved too far away. Asshur, the ancestor of the Assyrians then under the generalship of his son Ninus II began conquests of the nations around to impose tribute on them. And they had also begun building a fortified city, Nineveh, with very high and thick walls to protect themselves. The conquests took 17 years enabling the Assyrians to put many peoples under tribute.

The Assyrians were extremely brutal in their conquests. Ninus II had some rulers murdered with all their children so as to leave no heir. Here is what Diodorus of Sicily the ancient historian writes in his “Historical Library” Book II, chapter 1, pp 100 about Ninus II:

“Ninus therefore, the Assyrian king, with the prince of Arabia, his assistant, with a numerous army invaded the Babylonians then next bordering upon him: for the Babylon that is now [that is, in the time of Diodorus] was not built at that time; but the province of Babylon had in it then many other considerable cities, whose inhabitants he easily subdued (being rude and unexpert in matters of war), and imposed upon them a yearly tribute; but carried away the king with all his children prisoners, and soon after put them to death…

“Being thus strengthened, he invaded Media [i.e. the Medes, the descendants of Japheth], whose king Pharnus coming out against him with a mighty army was utterly routed, and lost most of his men, and was taken prisoner with his wife and seven children, and afterwards crucified.”

After 17 years of conquests when the Assyrians had become masters of that part of the world, they lived in their well-fortified cities with Nineveh their capital and tribute was brought to them on a yearly basis by all of their subject nations. The only way people could get away from the oppression of the Assyrians was to move away from them. 

And they did move away, led by God in their migrations to the places He had allotted them in His colonization plan given to Noah.

But the brutal treatment of other rulers by the Assyrians was not forgotten. They planned and plotted against the life of Ninus II. As mentioned earlier, Ninus II had a son named Horus with Semiramis. The year Ninus II finished his conquests, Semiramis left Egypt permanently and came and settled in Babylon. She continued to develop and spread her Babylonian Mystery religion from there.  She literally committed fornication with the kings of the nations around, which included most nations still living close by, which became a means also to spread her religion. That is why myths of all peoples have so much in common because all peoples followed Semiramis’ religion.

Ninus II could not be brought to justice by conquest because of the well-fortified city Nineveh he lived in. So, the kings around hatched a plot with Semiramis. Remember Semiramis herself was a Japhethite, and most of the kings brutally treated by Ninus II were Japhethites. Semiramis now renewed her relationship with Ninus II and could easily move in and out of Nineveh. Ninus II again became very fond of her and probably married her this time.

Then Semiramis probably played a prank on Ninus II and asked him to give her royal authority for 5 days. She held a sumptuous banquet for the army commanders and the nobility so that all her subjects could observe that she ruled.  These commanders and the nobility included many from among the provinces that Ninus II had conquered and were now allied with the Assyrians. She then secretly committed Ninus II to jail. Then she carried out Ninus II’s plans and invaded Armenia in which she was successful. She then had Ninus II assassinated and ruled in his place. Thus, though Ninus II could not be conquered because of his highly fortified capital city, he was brought down by intrigue.

This brought Horus, the illegitimate son of Ninus II and Semiramis back from Europe and a struggle followed between him and his mother for the throne of Assyria. After many years Semiramis fled to Armenia and was slain in a battle with her son Horus.

Assyrians and Abraham

Even after the death of Semiramis, the Babylonian Mystery religion she had developed had taken deep hold over the people. As mentioned earlier, the pure white descendants of Arphaxad the son of Shem had been lured through financial incentives to become priests of the pagan religion. They settled among the ancestors of the Indian Cushites, or Kassites or Kshatriyas, where they are known as the Brahmins today, and among the Egyptians, Babylonians and in Italy. They propagated the pagan religion of Semiramis as enforced by the Assyrians, or through cunning craftiness in Italy and Europe where enforcement was not possible. In Italy where Noah had settled, these priests convinced the people that they were honoring Noah, but cunningly taught the Babylonian Mystery religion, telling the people that Noah himself had preached that way.

Besides the priests who had dispersed among different peoples, there were other descendants of Arphaxad living in Mesopotamia. The Assyrians began to bring them into subjection. Because of the treacherous ways of the Assyrians, all these peoples were forced into living ways of lying, deceit, trickery and intrigue. They were forced to abandon the ways of truth and began to serve other gods. 

Joshua 24:2 records: “And Joshua said unto all the people, Thus says the LORD God of Israel, Your fathers dwelt on the other side of the flood in old time, even Terah, the father of Abraham, and the father of Nachor: and they served other gods.” This shows that Abraham’s father served other gods and idols and not the true God. Later we have the example of Jacob learning the ways of trickery from his mother Rebecca who came from that area and tricked his brother Esau and his father Isaac out of Esau’s birthright and blessing. We learn of the trickery of Laban the brother of Rebecca in his dealings with his nephew Jacob. We see the competitive dealings between the two wives of Jacob, the sisters Leah and Rachel. It was the treacherous influence of the Assyrians that had turned away these descendants of Arphaxad from the pure ways of God. They are the only ones who had retained the knowledge of the true God.  But through financial incentives to become priests of the pagan religion and from pressure from the Assyrians, all descendants of Arphaxad had also turned away from the true God.

So, after the Flood, a great struggle was waged between the pagans and those loyal to Noah and Shem to impose their religion over all of humanity. Paganism won out and all of humanity was corrupted and began to follow pagan worship practices. The Assyrians began to impose the pagan religion by force on the descendants of Shem. In about 400 years after the Flood, all of humanity once again turned away from worship of the true God.

This is the world into which the 3 sons of Terah, Haran, Abraham and Nahor were born.  Terah and Nahor had turned away from the true God to serve other gods. By this time Noah had passed away, but Shem was still alive. There can be no doubt that Haran and Abraham went and visited Shem in the Danubian Valley where he lived in his old age, and learnt about the true God from him. In the early years of Abraham, they had respite from Assyrian oppression because Horus and his mother Semiramis were engaged in a tussle to gain or maintain control of the Assyrian Empire. But after gaining control of the Empire, Horus began imposing the pagan religion on all peoples. Haran and Abraham were bound to come into conflict with Horus and his governors and lesser Assyrian rulers. Jewish and Arab traditions tell us that Horus persecuted Abraham.

The Bible records that Haran and Abraham lived in Ur of the Chaldees. This was also the place where the Chaldean priests, the descendants of Arphaxad lived. The Chaldean priests had knowledge of the eclipses of the sun and moon and had learnt astronomy from Noah. So they could predict the movement of the celestial bodies. To gain hold over the people they falsely taught that they could communicate with the Sun and Moon gods who would tell them about their movements. But Abraham countered their teaching, having possibly learnt astronomy directly from Shem. He began to argue and teach that the sun and moon could not control their own motions but were subject to the laws of the supreme God. Their movements could be predicted. The sun and moon were not gods, but there is a Supreme God who governed their motions. He proved that the creation was proof of the existence of the true Supreme God. This brought Abraham into conflict with the Chaldean priesthood as described by Josephus the ancient historian. The Chaldean priesthood envisioned their lofty status in society slipping away. Josephus records that they raised a tumult against Abraham.

At this time, probably Haran and Abraham refused to pay tribute to the Assyrians. One of their lesser rulers Count Sattan came against them to enforce tribute. In this battle Haran the older brother of Abraham died. Abraham had to flee for his life to the Danube Valley with his wife Sarah. But he had to leave his Assyrian wife Susanna and their son Achim behind as the Assyrians would not harm one of their own. 

After a few years when Count Sattan died, Abraham decided to return to his former home in Ur of the Chaldees to be with his wife Susanna and their son Achim. But God changed Abraham’s plans from then onwards. God appeared to him for the first time, called him and gave him a command and a new plan for his life. This is recorded in Genesis 12:1-5 (NKJV):

“1 Now the Lord had said to Abram: "Get out of your country, from your family and from your father's house, to a land that I will show you. 2 I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." 4 So Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him, and Lot went with him. And Abram was seventy-five years old when he departed from Haran. 5 Then Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his brother's son, and all their possessions that they had gathered, and the people whom they had acquired in Haran, and they departed to go to the land of Canaan. So, they came to the land of Canaan.”

For about 2,000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve, God worked with all of humanity in general. But twice all of humanity had turned its back on Him: once before the Flood and now in about 400 years after the Flood. All except Abraham, Lot, Abraham’s wife Sarah and Shem, who was still alive, had turned away to worship other gods. God then decided to no longer work with all of humanity. He decided to create a model nation as mentioned in His promise to Abraham, with which He would work, bless that nation for the entire world to see as an example and learn from. Just as before the Flood God found Noah who was completely loyal to His way of life and worked with him to save humanity through the Flood, He now chose to work with one man, Abraham, who remained loyal to Him after the Flood when the rest of humanity had succumbed to paganism. The next set of great prophecies and promises of God relate to Abraham and his descendants.

These prophecies were not after thoughts. All this was thought out and planned even before the foundation of the world. In Deuteronomy 32:8 Moses states: “8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel.” This states that when God gave inheritance to the sons of Adam, He did it according to the number of children that would be born to Israel after the Flood. This means the inheritance of the nations was pre-planned even at the time of Adam and Eve. So, when Abraham was asked to go to the land of Canaan, he was asked by God to go to his inheritance which the descendants of Canaan had usurped in the rebellion against God’s colonization plan. 

Abraham was completely obedient to God and did not question why He asked him to go to Canaan. He simply obeyed God’s instructions and departed.

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