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The Bible truly stands unique among scriptures of all religions. Many critical scholars have tried to refute its authenticity and put forward all kinds of arguments. Search the internet and you will find enough articles or writings attacking its authenticity. It costs very little to put out trash on the Internet. The devil has plenty of agents whose primary business is to deceive people in order to turn them away from God. It does not take much intelligence to figure out that questioning the authenticity of God’s word would be one of their top priorities. But all their arguments have been proved to be without merit. Bible has been proved to be more accurately preserved and transmitted throughout the centuries than any other book, religious or otherwise. 

We have proved that the Koran, the Hindu Scriptures and the Sikh scriptures are not the words of God, because they are not backed by the power of God. But the Bible has provided irrefutable proof in terms of numerous prophecies fulfilled that it is inspired by the Almighty God. When the Koran claims that the Old Testament was corrupted by the Jews and the New Testament was corrupted by the Christians it is a diabolical lie told to Mohammad by the demon who was masquerading around as the archangel Gabriel.  Muslims should examine the evidence that shows how carefully the Old Testament and the New Testament have been transmitted and preserved over thousands of years, rather than believe the lies told in the Koran.

The Bible is scientifically accurate. There are no errors in it. We also Jesus’ testimony that it is accurate and infallible. We also have the testimony of the apostles, prophets and even God’s angels that it is word of God. Thus, the Bible has met all the criteria we had established to test whether a holy book is the true word of God.

Coming from a background in Sikhism, just as I rejoiced when I found the true word of God, all people, including Muslims, should rejoice that it exists and they may use it as a completely reliable instruction manual to order their lives.

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