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(July 21, 2018)

By Harmanjit Singh Saini

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[Unless otherwise stated, the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible has been used for reference, but common modern words such as you for ‘thou’, ‘thee’ and ‘ye’ have been used, so that readers not familiar with the KJV Bible may find it easier to read. Mostly the New King James Version (NKJV) translation has been used as an alternate]

This book explains God’s purpose for marriage as understood by the modern era of God’s Church, which He founded through Herbert W. Armstrong. From the pages of the Bible, it proves that marriage is not a man-made institution, but a God ordained one.

Over the years, God’s Church struggled with decisions on divorce and remarriage issues. But over the past 70 years, those issues have been mostly resolved from a better understanding of the scriptures. These issues have been dealt with in great detail in the book.

One of the most effective ways to minimize divorce and remarriage is to marry the most suitable mate. The best way to find the most suitable mate is through right dating practices prior to marriage. The right dating practices and conduct before marriage as practiced by God’s Church are also briefly discussed.    



Chapter 1 – Consequences of Broken Marriages                                 

Chapter 2 – Spirit World Influences on Marriage                                   

Chapter 3 – Satan’s Strategy of ‘Rationalism’ to Destroy Marriage    

Chapter 4 – History of the Universe before Man’s Creation                 

Chapter 5 – God’s Plan for Man’s Creation                                            

Chapter 6 – Why God Created Humans Male and Female                  

Chapter 7 – God’s Instructions for a Happy Marriage                           

Chapter 8 – History of Divorce                                                                  

Chapter 9 – Divorce and Remarriage Law                                              

Chapter 10 – God’s Standards for Dating and Courtship                    

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