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Harmanjit Singh Saini


Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini

[September 20, 2017 (Updated 10/04/2019)]

[NOTE: I am changing the title of this paper to “Our Experiments with Health” and adding my younger brother Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini, a dentist, as an author because he initially started me on the right track on how to heal myself when faced with health problems. He had faced similar problems about 4 years before I did when I was 43 years old.

He is a dentist and has the medical knowledge. I possessed only general knowledge of health science and what I had acquired in general reporting on TV and other literature I came across. So, when I started having health problems, I turned to him immediately. I am glad I did and not to medical doctors, because the doctors would have treated the symptoms, whereas my brother guided me to look at the causes as he had already researched them because of his health problems. Not only did he tell me to look at the causes of the health problems, he told me what the specific causes of my problems were, which were similar to what he had faced. So he started me on the path of healing with food and supplements, and not with medicines.

Since that time, now for the past 25 years, we regularly talk to each other over the phone and via email to discuss our new health discoveries. When I have some new experience, I always run it by him in a lengthy conversation to share it with him and get his views on it. When he discovers something new, he calls me to share it with me.

Before I got into health problems, I did not believe in supplements. But when I had health problems, he immediately told me to take enzymes, probiotics, multi-vitamins and other supplements. These changes have helped me to continue living a good quality of life.

The solutions to health problems recommended in this paper are, therefore, a full collaborative effort between me and my brother. Therefore, to give full credit to him, I am adding his name also as the author of this paper.

Though I have mainly used the pronoun ‘I’ to describe the personal experiences and recommendations of both of us, all the suggestions and recommendations have been arrived at by discussion, collaboration and experimentation by both of us jointly.]


I have offered many recommendations for maintaining good health, healing and preventing diseases, which have been breakthrough discoveries. All these suggestions were based on personal experiences.

Let me say at the outset that I am sharing personal experiences with you which are not flattering to myself. Many mistakes made are not flattering. The good news is that the health problems that resulted from my bad eating habits and other practices have been overcome. Therefore, I am very happy to share them with you so that you may also benefit by avoiding the wrong practices; and if you have indulged in wrong practices and are suffering as a result, then you can learn from my experiences, correct the problems, and become healthy again.

The response of doctors and the healthcare industry to most diseases is to treat the symptoms, usually with surgery, rather than eliminating the root causes of the diseases.  Someday soon we hope to write a comprehensive book on our experiments with health. But to do so I need to conduct some more research to describe functions of the body accurately in correct medical terms, and the role diet and nutrition play in maintaining good health, incorporating more of my own experiences. Till then, here are some of our recommendations with our experiences that led to the recommendations.

Causes of Digestive System Failure

1) At the age of 43, I experienced a major digestive system failure. I usually ate two eggs for breakfast, and meat for lunch and dinner. I had begun to experience delay in digestion of food. It took an entire day to digest my breakfast, and even in the evening I did not feel hungry. But I had dinner anyway. Eating meat caused my body to emit a strong, nauseating odor. It finally came to a stage when one morning I had two eggs and toast and within an hour I doubled over with pain. My body had simply stopped digesting the normal food I was eating.

I felt as if I had only six months to live because I was unable to eat anything except vegetables, and my body had begun to experience a great deal of pain.

I immediately talked to my brother Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini, who is a dentist and discussed the matter with him, because he had a similar experience about 4 years earlier. He advised me to cut out all the fats and oils and protein from my diet immediately and eat only whole grains. I also had to cut out sugar in my case because of problem with bacteria in my body. I could eat vegetables. I would have to do this till my body recovered. Then I could work back the proteins, and fats and oils into my diet. I followed his advice. Here are the discoveries I made.

a)    Within a few days I was able to eat whole grains and vegetables without any Indian spices (which have a high calorific value and are relatively harder to digest).

b)    In about 3 months I was able to slowly work back proteins and fats into my diet.

Then I made the mistake of thinking that my body had fully recovered and went back to my original eating habits, though eating less, and still avoiding foods very high in fat content. I experienced the same failure of organs again. In addition, I began to experience failure of kidneys which seemed to have swelled and felt like two very painful large stones in my body. It was very difficult to sleep comfortably. I also began to experience pain in my heart and chest. I realized that my heart was laboring to pump blood which would eventually lead to heart failure. Another symptom was breathlessness.

I went back to the same formula of cutting out fats and oils, proteins, Indian spices and sugar. I recovered again. I had to go through the same situation a few more times because of the tendency to think that the body had fully recovered, and I could go back to eating a sufficient calorie diet to maintain my lifestyle of jogging and exercising. Each time it was easier to recover as I had discovered the formula to do so. My strong motivation to discover natural remedies was that I hated the prospect of submitting myself to any surgeon’s scalpel. I wanted to discover all possible ways of healing my diseases naturally before having any organs removed or allow a surgeon to patch up any organs. My brother made me understood that if I did not address the root causes of the problems, I would have to continue to be treated by regular doctors and surgeons. Another motivating factor was that I had no health insurance. No doctor or surgeon may have treated me without health insurance.

Based on these experiences, trial and error based on our understanding of how the human body functions, my brother and I made the following discoveries over a period of about twenty years.  

2) I recognized that the health care industry and doctors generally treat symptoms of diseases rather than working on removing the causes. I have stressed this time and time again and advocated discovering the causes of diseases and removing them to allow the body to heal itself. Once the cause is removed, the body usually heals itself. Since the body heals itself, most surgeries are unnecessary, unless a person has allowed his body to deteriorate so much that it will no longer heal itself.

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true. The way to discover the causes of your ailment is to test out what foods are causing your sickness by eliminating one food at a time and monitoring how your body responds. The process can be less painful and quicker if one knows what kind of foods cause what kind of general health problems. I cannot advise on food allergies as I have not experienced them. But as a general rule, avoid eating the same food again and again except the staples: grains, eggs and milk. Eat a wide variety of foods. Do not keep eating steak, potatoes and cheese every day for every meal, and orange juice as the only fruit and green beans as the only vegetable. 

3) Whatever we eat, the body has no choice but to process it. There is no way to bypass the digestive system. Sometimes we tend to overeat due to taste. A major cause of failure of organs of the digestive system is overeating, and eating too much of the harder to digest foods such as fats and oils, including whole milk. By overeating, a person wears down his organs prematurely by making them work harder to digest the food. They do not get sufficient time to rest and recover during the day. That should be easy to understand from the example of our machines today. If they are used continuously, they will wear down quicker in terms of time. However, if one changes one’s eating habits, organ deterioration can usually be reversed. But the organs do not fully recover to their original health. In effect, there is a net wearing down of the organs with each bout of overuse due to overeating or eating hard to digest foods.

For example, kidneys filter and purify the blood by removing excess chemicals or nutrients from the body which either the body does not need and does not fully absorb, or can no longer absorb due to premature wearing down. If a person eats too much salt, the kidneys have to remove the excess salt from the blood. If a person does this every day, kidneys will wear out sooner because they will be over worked due to removing the salt from the blood. This eventually leads to kidney disease. If we eat too much protein, then some of the broken-down compounds are not absorbed by the body and have to be filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Eating too much of the same foods will wear down the kidneys, leading to kidney disease. However, when a person reduces the intake of such foods, such as salt, or excess proteins, pressure on the kidneys is relieved and they eventually recover. This is how kidney disease can be reversed.

The regular urologists thought there was no real solution for reversing kidney disease. So, when the disease had advanced far enough, they would recommend dialysis or kidney transplants. I have reversed my kidney problems about 3-4 times and have learnt what I need to do in terms of food intake and nutrition so that I have been free of kidney trouble (usually pain and the kidneys feeling like large stones) for more than a decade.

4) When the kidneys show symptoms of breakdown and we take action to reverse the decline, the kidneys may recover to 80-90%, but not a full 100%. If the person thinks he has recovered and goes back to the same eating habits, kidneys will decline again. This next round of reversal of the decline may lead to recovery up to 70-80% only. The guiding principal, therefore, is that organs do not recover to a full 100%. So, the person must make changes to his diet to not wear down the organs of the digestive system.

5) I suffered similar problems with my heart as I experienced with my kidneys. I had literal pain in my heart and chest, and knew that my heart was laboring to pump blood through my body. My heartbeat was routinely more than 100 beats a minute many times. Pumping blood is what keeps other organs functioning. That’s why a creature’s life is in the blood. 

I diagnosed that the problem was caused by the harder to digest fats and oils, nuts and whole milk. I had to eliminate these foods from my diet till my heart recovered. I was able to reverse my heart problems. I slowly worked these foods back into my diet later. But as one gets older, one cannot eat food at the same level without prematurely wearing down the digestive system. It is a well understood principle that barring other causes, a person who limits his calorie intake (or in other words, eats less; or eats to live rather than lives to eat) of food to an optimum level lives longer. The key is to know how many calories your particular body needs to maintain good health; neither overeating, nor eating too little and being starved of proper nutrition and becoming thin and unhealthy is the guiding principle.

6) There is much fake news about the use of fats and oils and about their supposed benefits. If one was to believe all the doctors and nutritionists these days pushing ‘good’ fats and oils, one would think that the key to staying healthy is to consume a good amount of ‘good’ fats and oils such as fish oils, lots of nuts, olive oil, canola oil etc. From my experience, it is a recipe for quickly wearing down organs of the digestive system, leading to heart disease which will have to pump blood furiously to help digest these hard to digest foods.

My experience tells me that one should reduce the amount of fats and oils (including using oil for cooking, in dressings, butter, nuts, whole milk) as one gets older. If one does not do that, it will wear out the digestive system early, which will lead to heart disease, digestive system problems, and shorter life.

That being said, one must understand that fats and oils are absolutely essential for a healthy body as they are an essential part of each cell. Because of my digestive system failure, I had to eliminate fats and oils completely to allow my body to recover. Here are the symptoms I experienced as a result.

The walls of my blood vessels became thin and often burst in my mouth and eyes. A blood vessel would burst in my mouth every couple of days and a blister would form filled with blood. I would have to burst it with a toothpick to release the blood. Then it would take two or three days to heal, which was a painful process. Similarly, blood vessels would burst in my eyes with stinging pain and my eyes would become red.

Due to elimination of fats and oils, all organs of my body were no longer supple and became stiff. As a result, my stomach and bladder capacity reduced. I had to go to the bathroom frequently. When I was able to work fats and oils back into my diet, organs became supple again and normal functions were restored.

Fats and oils are also needed to keep the skin lubricated. When I was unable to eat any amount of fats and oil, my body would use a part of the absorbed fats and oils which came from the whole grains to help maintain the skin healthy. But that would not leave sufficient fats and oils for the rest of the body to function properly. So internal organs became stiff. Then I had to massage my body with oil so that the skin would need less of the absorbed fats and oils which would then be utilized by the rest of the body. That’s how I was able to stop the frequency of blood vessels bursting in my mouth and eyes. I still apply oil to my body and head twice a week.

What are the symptoms that a person is eating more fats and oils than the body needs? If you have oily skin, it’s a sure sign that you are eating far too much fats and oils than your body needs. Food is taking longer to digest is another sign. Other signs would be general digestive system deterioration leading to breathlessness; heartbeat rising as the heart is laboring to pump blood through clogged arteries, and to digest the hard to digest food. And of course, if you are obese, then you are simply eating much more food than your body needs, unless you have a genetic predisposition. Even if you have a genetic predisposition, just eating less should help avoid becoming obese.

If you can handle it, use very moderate amounts of butter, olive oil, and nuts such as almonds for getting your fats and oils into your body. Those are good fats and oils.

Again, overeating is a major cause of digestive system failure, that also leads to heart failure and renal (kidney) failure. How can one know quickly if one is overeating or eating hard to digest foods and stop it before it causes major health problems? Some of the symptoms are obesity, food taking long to digest, using the bathroom for a big excuse more than once a day and at odd times, and elimination problems.

Before the digestive system is about to experience failure, there is a small window of about 10-15 days when the symptoms begin appearing and action needs to be taken immediately. 

One symptom is a dull headache, and the head feeling heavy because the blood is rushing to the digestive system to digest the food, and less is being pumped to the brain and head. Sometimes the head throbs briefly. A second system is the heart experiencing pain and throbbing briefly, just like the head. There may also be chest pains. The third symptom is the food sticking to the intestine walls and not passing through the intestines smoothly. The reason is that the stomach because of lack of sufficient acidity has not done its hob in completely breaking down the food and is passing through the intestines partially digested. As soon as one starts experiencing these problems, it time to cut down on the hard to digest foods and get on a much lighter diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables immediately.

I got caught up in the barrage of publicity of fish oil supplements and started taking them. After about 2-3 months, it led to deterioration of my digestive system and heart. I immediately stopped fish oil supplements and my body recovered again. But of course, I know that my body needs oils and fish oils are good for the body. I started eating fish, including oily fish such as salmon with the aid of red wine. My body can digest fish, but cannot handle fish oil supplements. Therefore, instead of fish oil supplements, I would recommend eating fish in general along with oily fish such as salmon and sardines.

So please avoid acting on the fake news about changing your diet to include lots more fats and oils for maintaining good health. Doctors and nutritionists are pedaling the idea that most of your calories should come from good fats and oils. They are inverting the traditional pyramid by recommending that fats and oils should be the primary source of calories and energy, followed by proteins and then carbohydrates and sugars. Stick to the traditional food pyramid. Fats and oils are necessary for maintaining good health but in moderate quantities. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for heart disease, giving your body up to surgeons to remove or patch up your organs, and painful premature death. It will shorten your life. The prospect of that is what motivated me so strongly that I took the trouble to research ways of healing my body naturally. I literally have not had to see a doctor for healing any of my ailments in more than 40 years.

By the way, I have found that CoQ10 supplement does work in strengthening the heart and I take it every day. More about supplements later.

7) The body does not leave a person without warning. It always gives warnings about health problems rather quickly through pain signals. For example, if kidneys are being overworked, they will eventually swell up and feel like large heavy stones, causing a great deal of discomfort and pain. One will feel breathless and will be unable to sleep. When that happens, it is time to take immediate action to reverse the disease by releasing the pressure on the kidneys or the heart. Most people ignore these signals and continue to bear the pain until it is too late. The more one delays taking action to reverse the disease, the harder it will be to recover. Eventually organs can deteriorate so much that the body can no longer heal them naturally. That’s when the person has to give himself over to the ‘care’ of doctors.

8) There are 3 stages of recovery, depending on the ailment. Each stage depends of the time it takes for particular cells in the body to renew and be replaced. The body renews some cells quickly, others in about 3 months, others in about 2 years, and still others in about 7 years. In about 7 years the body renews all cells in the body. First recovery stage is in about 3 months. The next in about 2 years and then finally about 7 years when all the cells in the body are renewed. It is also very important to remember that once the causes of the sickness are removed, the body begins to recover and heal itself. But it never recovers to 100% of its old level. Normal tendency is to think one has fully recovered and the person can now go back to eating the same amount and kind of foods eaten earlier. But the same trouble will rise again. The body can recover again, but it will never recover to the level when it started deteriorating. Therefore, with each successive bout of wearing down of the body, recovery will be to a lower level.

I will explain for which problem I am working on a seven-year program, and I know it is working.

Controlling Growth of Germs in the Body

I Suggested many ways to control the growth of germs in the body. Some natural foods serve this function very well when used in moderation. For example, yoghurt, fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut, and probiotics supplements prevent the growth of harmful germs in the body. Garlic and ginger kill bacteria on contact. Many Indian spices (also known as Garam Masala, which is a blend of various ground spices such as coriander, cumin, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg among others; also used with turmeric) not only add great flavor to food, but also enter the blood stream and kill bacteria. Wine (the best is red wine) also kills harmful bacteria in the body. It is one of the most effective ways to kill bacteria. Beer on the other hand performs no such function and in fact allows harmful bacteria to grow. Tea and coffee also help kill germs to a lesser extent. Modest amount of natural raw honey also helps kill germs.

The history behind the discovery that Indian spices help control germs is this. There was a period when I had a refrigerator that did not keep food cold enough. As a result, bacteria multiplied in the food and also then multiplied in my body. Symptoms I experienced were itching all over the body, skin between the toes and the thigh joints becoming raw, and a general feeling of lethargy. Because of my general digestive system failure, I had to give up using Indian spices in my food for about six months. After my body recovered somewhat, I decided to work back the spices into my food. Literally within two days my lethargy went away, and within a few more days the raw skin healed. I have never had the symptom of raw skin ever again. That is how I discovered Indian spices kill germs in the body.

It is also very important to not allow germs to enter the body. That means never eating spoiled fruits and vegetables, stale or moldy bread, and even cooked food that has been lying in the fridge for a long time. Always eat fresh food as much as possible. If you see fruit or vegetable spoiling even at a spot, don’t just cut out the spoiled portion and eat the rest. Just throw away the whole fruit or vegetable. Its safer that away. Once bacteria enter the body, its not easy to get rid of them. Use of general antibiotics to get rid of bacteria causes long-term problems with immunity in general as a side effect. So prevention is always the best way to avoid health problems due to bacteria. But if one is afflicted with the problem, then use pre and probiotics and probiotic foods.​

Sure Cures for the Common Cold, Cough and Being ‘Under the Weather’

Mankind has struggled to find a cure for the common cold and cough, and for being generally ‘under the weather.’ I have suggested four ways to cure cold and cough very quickly. It should be common sense that one should stay warm during a cough and cold.

A) Relatively spicy food regularly prepared with Indian garam masala, ginger, garlic, onions, hot peppers (or red chillies), turmeric, mint, cilantro, tomatoes etc. prevents coughs and colds. Probiotics supplements, or fermented foods such as kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut also help control germs

B) Blend of garlic, ginger and honey, about a tea spoon taken three times a day will usually cure the cough and cold within a couple of days, depending on the severity. This is a formula provided by my dentist brother Dr. Wadbhag Singh Saini.

C)  Wine, and particularly red wine will cure the cough and cold.

D) Eating a high calorie dinner and then going to sleep with heavy clothing and covers to sweat it out for the night. By morning, the cough and cold will be gone. If it is more severe, do it for another night. The theory is that fever is a reaction of the body to kill the germs that have invaded the body and are causing the cough and cold. High body temperature kills the germs. Similarly, a high calorie diet and warn clothing will raise the body temperature which will kill the cold and cough germs. I observed my aunt do this and have tried it many times and it has never failed to produce the desired result.

A general caution that “more is not always better’ applies to the use of spices. Use of too much hot peppers and chillies can cause serious problems such as burning holes in the stomach and intestines. Use everything in moderation.

Restoring PH Balance (Acidity/Alkalinity) in the Body

At one time, I had a severe bacteria problem in my body and sugar aggravated the problem. I had to give up eating sugars and fruit. But I had digestion problems as well and needed to eat high fiber food to continue to keep the food moving through the digestive system and for proper elimination. So, I ate more cooked vegetables. For the same reason, I used steamed vegetable with my breakfast. My digestion problems worsened and as years passed I could digest less and less meat and other proteins such as beans. After about 3-4 years I finally reached a stage when my body simply would not digest any food, including even a meal of bread and vegetables. That problem was quickly solved by use of digestive enzymes. But as time passed, I had to use more enzymes to digest the same amount of food. My digestive system was continuing to deteriorate further. Finally, it came to a stage when I could not use even two tablespoons full of skim milk in my tea or coffee during the day.

Then the cause of the problem and the solution hit me. Vegetables are alkaline foods. But to breakdown and digest foods highly acidic gastric juices are required. By eating too much vegetables I had made my body alkaline. Hence it was no longer producing the acidic digestive juices in sufficient quantity and strength to digest the food. The solution was obvious. I immediately gave up eating too much vegetables, and started using acidic fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, berries, granny smith apples, berries such as strawberries, black and blue berries etc. with my breakfast. My body began to restore the Ph balance, to make it more acidic. Now I can eat all the foods again, and with less enzymes. But since my body took 7 years to deteriorate to that level, it will take seven years to fully recover and become capable of producing enough acidic gastric juices to be able to digest the food without enzymes. I am into the 5th year of the program and have already seen very significant improvements.

The lessons learnt from this experience are that if a person is eating too much food high in proteins (which are made up of amino acids), then the body will become too acidic and the person will experience problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, or even leading to holes in the stomach and intestines. The acidity can be controlled and the PH balance in the body restored with alkaline foods such as vegetables. But one must guard against going to the other extreme and the body becoming too alkaline. If the body becomes too alkaline, then the individual will require digestive enzymes to digest food. In that case the individual will have to reduce intake of alkaline foods such as vegetables and use more acidic foods such as proteins and fruits.  

This is a breakthrough discovery. There was a general impression in the nutritionist community that acidity in the body was responsible for causing too many health problems, and one could not go wrong by eating plenty of salads and vegetable. Some were even drinking alkaline water. When people changed their diets to incorporate more salads and vegetables and suffered digestion and other related health problems, it was not realized that the problems were caused by the body becoming too alkaline and not producing enough acidic digestive juices to help digest food properly. But this breakthrough understanding has stopped the needless suffering. One should never need to use antacids. I used them at one time, but discovered that they help only for a few days. I had to discontinue them completely as they caused problems in other areas of the body. 

Use of Vitamins and Other Supplements

There has been a controversy whether vitamins and supplements are a waste of money or can help maintain good health. I was forced to find the answer to this question the hard way. I came to a stage where I needed enzymes and probiotics to survive. I have also found joint supplements help and have enabled me to keep exercising by walking briskly, and do strength-building free-hand exercises. CoQ10 supplements are good for heart health. I still have to use wine to help digest some foods, which leaches calcium from the bones to neutralize its acidity while passing through the digestive system. Milk and milk products are the best source of calcium. But I also use calcium supplements to maintain bone health. So, my conclusion is that supplements do work. But I am careful to avoid having too many supplements, and use only those that are necessary for me. I do not use every supplement that is being hawked around. In the case of vitamins and supplements, as little as possible is better. But supplements do work.

I have also found a reasonably priced source of excellent quality supplements that I can share with you. It’s a company called Vitacost.

Overeating and Losing Weight

I have not had any difficult problem with my weight. But at one time I weighed 140 lbs, whereas my good healthy weight should be about 120 – 125 lbs. I used a very simple formula for weight loss. I never saw it fail. I simply minimized the fats and oils in my food (also I no longer cook with oil as it is hard for me to digest, and it is a major cause of heart problems in cultures such as in India that cook most foods with oil), kept my normal protein content, but used more fruits and vegetables to fill up and not feel hungry. I also exercised in moderation (3-4 times a week, jogged 2-3 miles when I could, and did free hand exercises after that). I was literally able to overcome the weight problem very quickly, within weeks. If anytime I felt I was putting on too much weight, I was then able to bring my weight in control within a few days, using the same formula.

The weight problem usually is more of a self-discipline problem and the will-power to eat less and not indulge the taste buds to the satiation level.

In this regard I would like to mention my personal experience based on wrong thinking that led to some of the problems. I studied in a boarding school in India for 5 years where we exercised about 2 hours daily in the form of morning PT and various sports in the evenings throughout the year. That built up a good appetite. I always thought that having a healthy appetite was very good for the body. This was one part of wrong thinking. So I usually ate to the full. Eating to the full is a stretchable concept. The more you eat, the amount you need to eat to feel full increases over time. I could eat as much as people nearly one and a half times my weight. This habit continued till my mid-40s. I continued to exercise vigorously. So I thought my body needed all the food I could eat due to the exercise. When I went out for lunch or dinner with friends to a restaurant, some commented ‘where do you put away all that food.’ Now I realize that I had been overeating all that time. I was eating more than my body needed to maintain healthy weight, strength and good health. Watch your calories. You need to know how much calories your body needs. Eat just sufficient to maintain healthy weight, strength and provide good nutrition (meaning the right proportion of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals). Learn the number of calories different foods provide, and then eat the number of calories your body needs.

Another thought process that can lead to overeating is indulging in all the foods you like at a meal. I used to enjoy corn flakes with sugar and whole milk for breakfast. I also loved a two-egg stuffed omelet (stuffed with potatoes, green peppers, onions and tomatoes) with two slices of toast with tomato sauce, then two slices of toast with butter and jam, sausage over the weekend (I don’t eat pork products), small glass of orange juice, a medium glass of whole milk and tea or coffee. I had most of these items for breakfast, though not all items every day. It does not require a genius to figure out that a 118-125 lb. man would be overeating if he had this kind of breakfast regularly.

One has to control one’s taste buds.

Though you should try to, but you don’t have to balance every meal if it will lead to overeating. You can balance your meals during the day to provide balanced nutrition.

Be careful not to overeat if you go to an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant. Merely sampling ‘every’ item will lead to full plates and overeating. For this reason, those who organize hot-dog or pie eating contests are engaging in ‘criminal’ behavior. Those who participate in such contests are being foolish, doing irreparable harm to their bodies.

Dealing with Colorectal Cancer

There have been recent news reports on the number of deaths due to colon and rectal cancer in the USA, which according to doctors is very much preventable. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer. In 2018, more than 140,000 new cases are projected to be diagnosed in the USA and more than 50,000 people are expected to die. Again, in the widely held opinion of the medical profession, with which I completely agree, this is a preventable disease in the USA.

Now specifically, about prevention of colorectal cancer. In the opinion of most in the medical profession, this is an easily preventable disease. One can find concise useful information on colon cancer on popular web sites such as From this web site:

“Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon), which is the final part of your digestive tract. Most cases of colon cancer begin as small, noncancerous (benign) clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. Over time some of these polyps can become colon cancers. Polyps may be small and produce few, if any, symptoms. For this reason, doctors recommend regular screening tests to help prevent colon cancer by identifying and removing polyps before they turn into cancer.”

The web site provides signs and symptoms of colon cancer and the risk factors. There is also an association between diet and increased colon cancer risk. The website states:

“Studies of large groups of people have shown an association between a typical Western diet and an increased risk of colon cancer. A typical Western diet is high in fat and low in fiber. When people move from areas where the typical diet is low in fat and high in fiber to areas where the typical Western diet is most common, the risk of colon cancer in these people increases significantly. Some studies have found an increased risk of colon cancer in people who eat diets high in red meat and processed meat.”

“A sedentary lifestyle is also associated with a higher risk of developing colon cancer. Getting regular physical activity may reduce the risk of colon cancer. People who are obese have an increased risk of colon cancer and an increased risk of dying of colon cancer when compared with people considered normal weight.”

You should read the web site for more information on the risks associated with getting colon cancer.


The web site makes the following recommendations for reducing colon cancer:

“Get screened for colon cancer. Colonoscopy is the best way to get screened. The procedure provides a double benefit. It detects cancer and also cures it as the doctor will remove any polyps that may have developed. [I got one done in 2014 and will repeat it every 10 years.] In my opinion, everyone should get it done. The discomfort for preparation lasts only about 18-20 hours. But its worth it once in 10 years. 

“People with an average risk of colon cancer can consider screening beginning at age 50. But people with an increased risk, such as those with a family history of colon cancer, should consider screening sooner.

“Make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk. Take steps to:

“Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which may play a role in cancer prevention. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables so that you get an array of vitamins and nutrients. [I have already explained my experiences with this, and the cautions one must take to avoid having the body become too alkaline, which will necessitate taking enzyme supplements to digest the food.]

“Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all. If you choose to drink alcohol, limit the amount of alcohol you drink to no more than one drink a day for women and two for men. [Presently, I have to drink red wine to digest my high protein food to build back my acidity. But I still restrict myself to about two drinks on 4 days, and less than one drink on 2 days. I try to keep one day alcohol free. When my body gets back to normal, I intend to reduce my alcohol intake to perhaps close to half the amount.]

“Stop smoking. Talk to your doctor about ways to quit that may work for you. [I have never smoked.]

“Exercise most days of the week. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days. If you've been inactive, start slowly and build up gradually to 30 minutes. Also, talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program. [I am an older person. I exercise about 30 minutes for 3 days of the week, and about 15-20 minutes on 3 other days. But on the three days I exercise 30 minutes, 17-18 minutes are for a vigorous walk, and 12-15 minutes are for vigorous free hand exercises with light dumbbells in which I break out into a sweat, get a good cardio-vascular workout, and build my abdominal muscles which aid digestion. Doing abdominal muscles building exercises is very important as good hard abdominal muscles aid digestion].

“Maintain a healthy weight. If you are at a healthy weight, work to maintain your weight by combining a healthy diet with daily exercise. If you need to lose weight, ask your doctor about healthy ways to achieve your goal. Aim to lose weight slowly by increasing the amount of exercise you get and reducing the number of calories you eat. [Though I have never had a serious weight problem, I have described how I have dealt with the issue in the past, and now maintain a healthy weight.]

My Formula for Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

As already mentioned, I had a colonoscopy done in 2014. I will get another one done within 10 years from that date.

Now my formula for preventing colorectal cancer. First of all, the three-three rule is being mentioned about what to watch for in eliminating waste from the body. The rule is that if you eliminate at least 3 times a week and less than 3 times a day, then your digestive system is functioning properly. I totally disagree with this rule. In my opinion, if you are eliminating only 3 times a week, you are already in serious trouble. The trouble is being caused by the kind of foods you eat, and you are already at high risk of colorectal cancer.

Elimination should be at least once a day, and under normal circumstances, only once a day. But occasionally, twice a day is acceptable.

The human body gives plenty of warning if something is not right. The warning from the digestive system is that if you have to use force to eliminate, then some changes in your diet are immediately warranted. It means that either you are eating too much and/or you are eating foods that are harder for your body to digest, and generally that means more fats and oils. You need to reduce the quantity of fats and oils you consume. If you have let your body deteriorate so much that the digestive system has worn down, then even proteins and starch may become hard to digest, and elimination may require force. Then you simply need to reduce the quantity of food you eat and let your body recover. Then you can slowly increase your food intake. To summarize, if you have to eliminate less than once a day or more than twice a day, then either you are eating too much or too little food, or eating too much of the hard to digest foods (usually fats and oils, or if your body has deteriorated, then also proteins), or the wrong mix of fats and oils, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber rich foods.

In this regard, I would like to mention a common mistake people make. As they get older, people continue to cook the food the same way they and their family has always cooked. For example, Indians cook most of their food with oil. Many in the western world do the same, and continue to use salad dressings with oil. But as the body gets older, the same amount of oil and fats in the food, even when used for cooking, lead to deterioration of health, blocked arteries and heart failure. I stopped cooking my food with oil more than two decades ago. I also drink only skim milk. I eat the leanest meats. I have minimized my intake of fats and oils. I get most of my fats and oils intake from the amount of oil in the whole grains I eat, a little bit of nuts taken in small quantity (like two to three pieces of almonds) once or twice a week, and about half or a full slice of cheese about once a week. I also eat oily fish about once a week. This is sufficient to sustain me, and easy enough for my body to digest. I particularly caution Indians to stop cooking with oil as they get older and begin to experience problems with their digestion.    

Another signal from my body I heed is when I feel that the food I have eaten is taking longer to digest. Feeling bloated, a feeling that the food is blocked in the intestines and is moving too slowly, or a tinge or a small stab of heart pain because it is pumping blood more vigorously to help digest the food are the signals I pay immediate heed to. To overcome this problem very quickly, I simply fast for a day. Usually that means eating a very light breakfast; only about one fourth to one fifth of my regular breakfast amount, so that I can last the day, since I eat only two meals a day. The food that was taking slightly longer to digest, then digests well within 24 hours, usually within 12 hours.

I regularly fast once a month without any food or water or anything else for 24 hours. Then every Sunday, I eat a very light breakfast, with tea and cereal and fruit only about one-fourth or one-fifth of my regular breakfast. If any other time I need to keep the food moving along in the digestive system because I have eaten too much fats and oils, I just make the next meal a light one.

I get plenty of fiber with every meal through whole grains, fruits and/or vegetables with every meal.

The purpose of all this, and eating necessary amount of fiber is to keep the food moving along in the digestive system. If the food stays too long in the digestive system, it becomes putrid which leads to diseases. In some cases, some of the food may not fully digest, or get absorbed in the colon. But if it stays too long in the digestive system, it will become putrid and cause problems. It is important to keep the food moving through the digestive system, even if partially digested. Fiber acts as the broom to keep it moving and eliminate it from the body. Of course, if at any time, some food is only partially digested, then adjustments need to be made to avoid the situation of the body only partially digesting the food. Just eat less so that the body fully digests all the food you eat.

Another very useful method to empty the bowels is use of plenty of water. I have a problem of going back to sleep quickly if I wake up in the middle of night after 3-4 hours of sleep. Sometimes it can take me 2-3 hours to go back to sleep. One way I would wake up in the middle of night was if I had too much water later in the evening. I would wake up automatically due to the need to use the bathroom. In addition, if I have had too much caffeine in tea or coffee, or chocolate, particularly later on during the day, it keeps me awake at night. After a few years of trial and error, I discovered the solution that put ‘all the ducks in a row.’

First of all, let me caution you. Drinking too much water can also be harmful to health. It dilutes the digestive juices in the body, making it harder to digest the food. The solution is very simple. When you experience this situation, just reduce your water intake and within a couple of days equilibrium will be restored. Also remember, certain quantity of water is critical for the body to function properly so that it can flush out the impurities and toxins from the body. I know the happy middle ground for my body and keep within bounds on my water intake. You have to find what suits your body by trial and error.

The happy solution to my sleep issue, and to still maintain a healthy intake of water and caffeine through tea or coffee was this. I restrict my coffee/tea and water intake to only in the morning before and with breakfast. First thing in the morning, I drink about 4 glasses of a combination of warm water and tea/coffee. It fills up the stomach and in about an hour creates pressure which helps empty the bowels very effectively. This method (learnt from the same aunt, my father’s sister, from whom I learnt about sweating to get rid of cold and coughs, who is still alive today in her 90s) is very effective in helping to empty the bowels and even gets rid of food that may be partially digested which otherwise may stay in the colon for a longer time. Then I have more tea/coffee with breakfast. After that I don’t drink any water, tea/coffee until about 4.00 PM when I have another glass of water to flush out more impurities from the body (generally to flush out the glue-like substances added to so much of the food today in America). This allows me enough time to empty the bladder before going to sleep so that I don’t have to get up in the middle of my sleep.

The benefits of my happy solution are that I get my tea/coffee in the morning to realize their benefits, and not take any more later during the day to avoid disturbing my sleep; I get my daily intake of water required to keep my body healthy; the plenty of water, tea/coffee in the morning fills up the stomach which creates pressure to easily, effectively and completely empty the bowels to keep the colon clean.

As already mentioned, I am in the fifth year of my seven-year long recovery program. I am slowly increasing my protein, fats and oils intake. I hope to fully recover in seven years. But in the meantime, I am very careful to watch elimination. I take steps to prevent using force for elimination. I do that by having plenty of fiber in my diet. I literally make it a point to include fiber anytime I eat.

I would like to add that because of my recovery, I do not have the body odor problem. I have eliminated it. Only once in a while I may experience this when I have indulged in too much sugar in dessert, or eaten a full orange.   But I take action immediately by reducing my sugar intake which gets everything under control within a few hours.

I use only whole grains, minimally processed cereals such as steel-cut oats and other whole grains. I minimize my intake of processed cereals using only a small portion of these because of the glue the producers are able to put in whole grain foods. I also do not eat processed meats. I eat frozen dinners, but that is something I will eliminate as soon as possible.  

With my breakfast, I eat nearly as much fruit as the cereal I eat to provide enough fiber. As I am getting older, my body does not need three meals a day. I eat only two meals a day. But with dinner also, I eat nearly as much vegetables or fruit by weight as the meat or eggs I eat. The key is that every time I eat any food, I make absolutely sure that I am including plenty of fiber so that the fibrous food is processed along with the food that contains the fats, oils, protein and carbohydrates. That helps me eliminate without using force. That is the key indicator. If you have to use force to eliminate, then you need to change your diet. Also using force increases the hemorrhoids.

I also want to caution about eating too much fibrous foods. Too much fiber may scrape the lining of the intestines, making the intestines raw. The body will give you that signal. When you notice that your intestines have become raw, immediately reduce the fiber in your body and it will heal in a day or two. Then, keep the fiber content lower than what caused the problem. In my case, it was eating a bit too much of watermelon that caused the problem, as the fiber in the watermelon is firmer than, for example, the fiber in melons. I just reduced the amount of watermelon I included in my fruit bowl and the problem was easily solved.

The Mayo-clinic web site explains some of these methods. But I am adding the signals your body gives you so that you can take immediate action to change your habits. Exercise moderately at the minimum. Stop smoking. Drink moderately if you need to. Eat diet low in fats and oils. Eliminate processed foods. Eat whole foods. Colorectal cancer is a highly preventable disease. Take the necessary steps and don’t victimize your body with wrong lifestyle practices. Also get a colonoscopy done every ten years.

A general principal should be taught to all kids and adults. “Eat to live and not live to eat.” Eat with a healthy appetite while growing up, usually till age 21. This will allow the body to grow fully to best possible height and strength. If a child is becoming obese, he/she is eating more than the child should. After 21 years of age, start watching your calories, and eat just enough to maintain healthy weight, and according to the work one is engaged in. Avoid overeating at all times. After age 21 it seems the digestive system begins wearing down. From then on, it seems one lives longer if one eats less; just enough to maintain healthy weight. Eating less will wear out the digestive system less, and the person will live longer. If one overeats, the digestive system will wear out faster, and the person will die sooner. Besides other factors, the number of years one lives depends on how long the digestive system continues to digest food and absorb the nutrition.

I will illustrate this with an example. Nothing scientific about the example. It is being used just to illustrate the principle. 

After about the age of 21, the length of life depends almost entirely on the amount of food we put into our bodies. It is as if we are allowed to put a certain amount of food in our bodies, because that’s the amount our body can digest and process. After that it wears out, cannot process any further food and we die. 

Say for example, after the age of 21, the lifetime limit set for our height and kind of body is 18,000 kgs. And that will give us 60 years to live after age 21 to a total of 81 years. If we put 300 kg of food per year into our bodies, we will live 60 more years. Such a person will live to be 81 years old. But if we put 600 kg per year into our bodies, our body can live only 30 years because after that, having processed 18,000 kg, the digestive system will break down and not process any more food. That person will live to be 51 years old and die. And the last 10 years or so will be terrible years because of the pain caused by the digestive system having to overwork to digest the food as it has been worn down already.

On the other hand, if the person eats only 225 kg/yr and it is sufficient to maintain good health with good weight, his digestive system will continue functioning well for 18,000/225 = 80 years. That person will live to a ripe old age of 101 years.

Again, this example just illustrates the principle. There are many other factors, such as genetics, disease, injury, kind of foods we eat and other lifestyle choices that impact how long one lives.

Maintaining Eye Health

I used to have perfect 20/20 vision as a younger teenager. First time my eye-sight deteriorated was when I was 15-16 years old and read in very poor light at night when preparing for exams. As a result, I needed eye-glasses for the first time. My vision deteriorated further around age 36-37 when again for about a year I read in poor light. As a result, the power of my eyeglass prescription went up. Once I diagnosed the cause of the problem and made sure that I read only in good bright light, my eye-sight has not deteriorated for the past more than two decades.

I take another important precaution. I make it a point to not read, or work on a computer continuously for more than 2 hours, with the maximum on rare occasions being 2.5 to 3.0 hours. After that I always get up and go outside in natural light to walk, or to just stand for 8-12 minutes and focus my vision long distance. That soothes my eyes. Those are the only precautions I have taken to not let my eyesight deteriorate further. It has worked for me.

I have faced a few other once-in-a-blue-moon type of problems that I can share. Blood vessels in my eyes used to burst with stinging pain and my eyes would become blood-shot red. It did not affect my vision which continued to function normally. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. The cause was my inability to digest fats and oils in even small quantities. I have already discussed how I dealt with the problem by massaging my body with oil, and then slowly letting my body recover so that I could digest small quantities of fats and oils.

I also had a problem once with conjunctivitis (pink eye), with pus like eye discharge. I used Visine which helped for a day or two. But the problem persisted. Then I realized that the cause of the problem was not merely on the eye surface caused by infected hands, but a deeper bacterial infection. Then I used my bacteria control methods already described earlier and the problem was under control in a couple of days. The most effective, quick control method for me was to use red wine. In this case I am simply sharing what worked for me. But I would advise consulting an eye doctor for any severe eye problems.

Maintaining Good Bone Health

The best way to maintain good bone health is to drink as much milk as you can without any ill effects, eat as much milk products as possible, such as cheese, butter, yoghurt, being very mindful to not overdo the fat amount, and eat vegetables and other foods rich in calcium.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body. The best source of natural vitamin D is the sun. I make it a point as much as possible to sun bathe for about 20-30 minutes twice a week, about 20-25 minutes during the summer and 25-35 minutes during the winter. I never laze in the sun for an hour or couple of hours.

Because I am a little older now, I take calcium supplements along with vitamin D supplements. I suggest using 5000 IU of Vitamin D every day to properly absorb calcium in the body.

Minimize alcohol content as alcohol leaches calcium from the bones to neutralize the acid in the alcohol.

It is important to have good bone density. And the best way to maintain good bone density is weight bearing exercises. For the upper body and arms, I do push-ups, making sure that the arms are bearing the maximum body weight. Walking and jogging (if you can) help build good strong leg bones. Light weight training can substitute for free-hand exercises.  

Maintaining Dental Health

I got my only tooth cavity around age 15, which I attribute to eating chocolate and not brushing my teeth at night. After that I have avoided tooth cavities, but my gums continued to deteriorate. Also, I lost enamel on my teeth. As a result, I have gaps between my teeth, particularly at the roots. Subsequently, with proper maintenance and precautions I have avoided losing any teeth. I consider my dental health to be reasonably good.

Based on my decades long experience, here are the suggestions I can offer for maintaining natural teeth in good condition throughout one’s life.

First of all, I must caution against fake news regarding dental health and health in general. Most of this fake news in the USA is spread by Germans, German masqueraders (Americans of German descent) and their allies. Their purpose is to ruin the health of Americans so that they suffer, whereas they themselves can rejoice in this suffering of their enemies. They view Americans of British and other European descent as their enemies, because they seek to take over the country for themselves alone. They spread fake news and propaganda so that other people harm themselves.

After the cavity as a teenager, I maintained good teeth by brushing them twice a day: once in the morning, and then at night before going to bed. I drank a lot of milk, which helped replace the enamel I was losing due to brushing twice a day. I was blessed with the ability to digest a good amount of milk and milk products. My body maintained good acidity which helped control growth of bacteria and gum health was also generally good. I did not even need to have my teeth cleaned.

Then my health first began to deteriorate around age 43-44 years, and I could no longer digest the amount of food I was eating. As I got older and health continued to deteriorate due to old age, I was no longer able to digest fats and oils to the same extent. Changing diet helped reverse some of the problems. But as already stated, the body does not recover to its original level in its ability to digest the same amount of food. That lesson had to be learnt by 4-5 rounds of deterioration in health and recovery. As a result of the general deterioration of the body due to getting older, by teeth also began to be affected and I needed annual teeth cleanings.

Because of the amount of protein and meat I ate, my body had become too acidic. The symptoms were the small intestine and the colon becoming raw due to the lining being corroded. Also, teeth lose enamel and gums due to acidity. As a result, I reduced the protein content in my diet by giving up acidic foods such as fruits, tomatoes etc. and started eating more vegetables. My acidity went away. But then I started experiencing digestion problems after a few years. Part of the problem was that after many bouts of eating more food than my body needed to sustain itself, which led to digestion problems, and then recovering, the digestive system had worn down slightly. It does wear down as one gets older. Then the vegetables made my body alkaline. It was no longer producing the acids needed in the required strength to digest the food properly, resulting in my use of enzymes to digest food. That is when my problems with teeth and gums began. I was also unable to drink the quantity of milk that I was previously drinking which affected the ability of the body to replace teeth enamel that was being lost due to brushing and other normal erosion.

Due to body having become alkaline, food was not being properly and completely digested. As a result, tea/coffee and wine stained the teeth, requiring more frequent cleanings. Bacteria also multiplied in the mouth, resulting in the gums being partially corroded by bacteria. Therefore, proper PH balance is required in the body even for good teeth and gum health. An excellent product is also available which can effectively stop deterioration of the gums, which I will explain shortly.

I indulged in many other wrong practices which hurt my teeth health. Here fake news also played a major role. Germans and German masqueraders under the evil influence of Satan the devil are the primary and original purveyors of fake news. Others have just learnt the technique from them and merely copy their tactics.

Here are some of the wrong practices I indulged in.

I brushed my teeth twice a day, once in the morning before breakfast, and then at night before going to sleep, but after dinner. Like everyone else, I was concerned with tartar stains on the teeth and also wanted white teeth. I was under the wrong impression that teeth enamel is hard and can withstand any brushing. I did not heed the advice of the American Dental Association (ADA) to use the softest brush and brush only for two minutes. When I brushed my teeth, I usually brushed hard for 5-7 minutes to make my teeth as white as possible and also keep from developing stains for as long as possible after cleaning. I thought teeth-whitening strips were just ways for companies to make more money, particularly from women and were not really necessary.

My brushing habit did not create too much of a problem as long as I was able to drink a lot of skim milk, eat yoghurt (curd) and other milk products. But as digestion problems and inability to digest milk developed, problems with my teeth and gums began soon thereafter. Hard brushing caused me to lose a great deal of enamel and large gaps developed between my teeth. Also gums eroded. Though my teeth never became loose, x-rays by the dentist revealed that I had lost a lot of enamel on my teeth and was in very serious danger of losing them very quickly.

Here are some examples of dangerous fake news and the masqueraders trying to get me to develop wrong habits. It was suggested to me to brush teeth after every meal to avoid tartar and plaque build-up and developing gum disease. The purported purpose was to get rid of all the food particles stuck between the teeth and in the mouth so that the food does not decay and cause plaque build-up and gum disease. It sounds very good in theory. But I never bought into this because it would require brushing teeth at least 3-4 times a day. I did not have the time to do that. In retrospect, if brushing teeth twice a day caused my enamel to erode, one can only imagine how devastating and quicker the effect would have been if I had been brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day.

I was also inveigled into using a proxy brush to clean between the teeth. I did that for years. While it does clean between the teeth, but any brushing erodes enamel. Since the proxy brush works near the teeth roots, the gap between the teeth near the roots increases due to enamel erosion, increasing the chance of losing one’s teeth early. Conclusion: never use a proxy brush. This is another German evil invention to inveigle people into harming their health. A proxy brush brand named GUM, made in Germany manufactured it only in a wide brush version so that it would have the quickest effect in destroying the teeth at the roots due to enamel erosion. I have mentioned that as one of my reasons why I never use German products, whether manufactured in Germany or in the USA; or even products manufactured with German collaboration.

I developed gum disease despite brushing teeth twice a day because of bacteria in the mouth. Because my body had become alkaline and no longer acidic, the bacteria in my mouth were not being destroyed and were in fact multiplying and rotting my gums. Then the use of Listerine was recommended to me because it effectively kill bacteria in the mouth that rot the gums. For a long time I had resisted using any products put out by the consumer products industry, believing that their claims of benefits were usually grossly exaggerated. I relied on the body to take care of itself. But we have to recognize that the body gets old and cannot do things for itself that it was able to do when one is young. In addition, when we disturb its chemical balance, change is required to restore it.

After I started using Listerine once a day at night, deterioration of my gums has stopped. I have been using it now for about 5-6 years and my gums have not deteriorated any further. I have tried various competitive products to Listerine and have reached the conclusion that Listerine is the best mouth rinse on the market. The original alcohol version of Listerine was too strong for my gums and dissolved them. But the non-alcohol version does not cause this problem and kills the bacteria in the mouth very effectively so that my gums do not deteriorate any longer. However, the original product would be fine for most people.

I feel that there is already good knowledge accumulated on how to maintain good dental health, which is not widely shared through the media. This knowledge has not been shared with me. The purpose of the German masqueraders is to never share with me all useful knowledge they have gained through research, prevent others from sharing it with me with death threats; and if I have gained useful knowledge through my own experiments with health, then try and mislead me through fake news to convince me that my discoveries are actually not useful for health. if you are already privy to information on good dental health, then I am sure you already are making use of it to maintain your teeth. But I offer the following suggestions based on my experiences and experiments.

The most important tool in your toolkit to maintain good dental health is Listerine. Use it once every night before going to bed. It does kill bacteria in the mouth very effectively which prevents gum disease. With good gums, the teeth should stay firm and gaps in the teeth near the roots should not develop.

Good healthy teeth are normally joined one to another and there should be no gaps between them. The goal should be to prevent gaps between them from developing. Good healthy gums will prevent gaps near the roots. However, gaps above the roots develop due to brushing, flossing, using proxy brushes and teeth cleanings, because all these lead to loss of enamel.

In my opinion, brushing should be done only once a day before going to bed, if at all. Use only the softest brush possible, and never use a brush which has pointed bristles designed to clean between the teeth. That will cause gaps to develop. Brush lightly with a side to side motion rather than up and down motion and no more than two minutes for all the teeth as recommended by the ADA. Up and down motion of the brush will cause gaps between the teeth, whereas the sideways motion will not. Tooth paste does leave a fresh taste in the mouth. NEVER EVER USE A PROXY BRUSH. If you have not developed gaps between the teeth, DO NOT floss. It is not necessary and forcing the floss between the teeth will create gaps. I would even go so far as to say to not floss at all. But make sure you rinse your mouth once every day before going to bed with sufficient quantity of Listerine and for sufficient amount of time, the recommended 30-60 seconds. I do it for about 60 seconds and have not found any ill effects for doing so for the longer period of time recommended. 

Let me reiterate. The most effective way to maintain good dental health is to rinse your mouth properly with Listerine once before going to bed. To that I may add that if possible, rinse your mouth with water immediately after dinner to dislodge any food particles as quickly as possible, and then brush very lightly with toothpaste and rinse with Listerine just before going to bed. Because I have developed gaps between my teeth, particularly at the roots, food gets lodged easily between the teeth. That’s why I rinse my mouth with water after every meal.

Maintaining proper PH balance in the body helps stop the growth of bacteria in the mouth which prevents gum decay and tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth. Get your teeth cleaned as few times as possible.

As I said earlier, I believe good methods of dental health have been developed, but just have not been shared with me deliberately. If you have this information, use it. I am still experimenting and if I discover additional useful information, I will share it.

Last but not the least, let me share one piece of happy news. I was close to losing many of my teeth due to enamel and gum loss. But after I have been able to start drinking plenty of milk and eat other calcium rich foods, I have noticed that enamel does develop from the inside out and teeth do get stronger. So, tooth decay is partially reversible. My gums have not regenerated to the good level, but there has been no further deterioration of the gums and my teeth are still strong and not loose in any way. I attribute that to the use of Listerine.

Caution about overdoing anything. Drink milk and eat milk products to the extent your body can handle. Goes without saying. But in our haste to recover quickly, we have a tendency to go overboard. Always act quickly by recognizing the symptoms from the body’s reaction to overdoing anything. I went overboard on drinking milk to recover fast. So, I got temporary vertigo. But immediately reducing the quantity of milk and milk products consumed and Brandt-Daroff exercises quickly set things right. The Brandt-Daroff exercises to overcome temporary vertigo are easy. Just google search for instructions.  

Bad Odor From the Body  

If one is experiencing halitosis or bad odor from the body, it is again a digestive system problem. The main culprit is usually having too much sugar which the body has stopped processing. Solution is to cut out sugar altogether. When the body recovers, small quantities of sweet things can be added to the diet.

Sometimes the problem is caused by the breakdown of the digestive system. Then many things such as tea, coffee, sugar or too much meat can cause odor. Again, the digestive system has to be allowed to recover and reduce the quantities of all these things consumed for the future.  

Aging Gracefully

The most important thing about living long and gracefully is to not indulge in wickedness, or violate God’s natural laws and man’s laws. Those who live lawless lives and lives of crime, often end up dying unnatural early deaths.

Another fact to remember is to think of one’s digestive system as a machine. If you overuse it, it will wear out quicker and you will die younger. The digestive system has no choice but to process any food you put into your mouth. So, the quantity and the kind of food you eat has to be controlled. If you overeat and are a glutton, you will die young, and probably not with dignity.

I have observed that kids who have a good appetite during their growing years (0-21 years) tend to grow taller and bigger. But at no point in their growing years should they become obese. Eat balanced meals. Avoid too much chocolate and sweets (for good dental health), eliminate out junk food altogether, and don’t drink alcohol till the age of about 18. I had my first drink when I was about 19 years old. I believe recommendations to eat dark chocolate because of health reasons is fake news. Eating chocolate in younger years was the only time I developed a cavity in one molar tooth.

After 21, one should “eat to live and not live to eat.” Eat the minimum amount of balanced meals as needed to maintain healthy weight. And of course, the quantity of food eaten will also depend on the kind of work one performs. If one’s line of work involves vigorous physical activity, such a person will simply need to eat more. If you eat just sufficient food to maintain good healthy weight, you will live longer, barring sabotaging your life with crime and other continuously high stress unlawful activities in your life. Living a spiritual hope-filled life ordered with faith in a living God, and godly fear to shun lawlessness helps prolong life.    

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