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9)  Jesus Christ is a Created Being

The ninth message was delivered to me sometime in late 2007 or early 2008.  In one of my weekly messages, I had mentioned that I believed that Jesus Christ is a Being created by God the Father so long ago that we can only call it ‘past eternity.’  This was a complete break with the position of the Church of God which believed that God the Father and Jesus Christ have always lived together for past eternity, and that Jesus Christ is not a created Being.  He has always lived with God the Father from past eternity.

But my understanding was based on reinterpretation of three scriptures.  First is Micah 5:2, “2 But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.”  This is a prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ which says He has been from everlasting.

The Hebrew word translated ‘everlasting’ is ‘owlam’ which can mean from eternity, or ‘practically eternity’ or from so old that we can characterize it only as ‘past eternity.’

The second scripture is Colossians 1:15, “15 Who [meaning Jesus Christ] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature…”  Traditionally this verse was interpreted to mean that Jesus was the firstborn from the dead, meaning He is the firstborn resurrected to eternal life from the dead.  My reinterpretation was that by saying Jesus Christ is the ‘firstborn from the dead’ we are reading into the text what is not there.  The text means what it says in various translations, that Jesus was the ‘firstborn of every creature’ or ‘firstborn over all creation,’ meaning that He was the first one to be created.

The third scripture that I reinterpreted is Revelation 3:14,” 14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; these things says the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God…” Some translations translate the phrase ‘beginning of the creation of God’ as ‘ruler of God’s creation.’  In doing so they are translating this verse to fit their view that Jesus was not a created Being.  But when we read the phrase as translated in the KJV, the text simply means that Jesus Christ was the beginning of God’s creation, meaning that God the Father began His creation with the creation of Jesus Christ.

To bolster my arguments, I explained the meanings of the original Hebrew and Greek words and how they very well fit the interpretation that Jesus was a created Being, and also provided other arguments.  These arguments included:

1)  Colossians 1:15 says, ‘Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God.”  Jesus Christ could not have been the image of God if God the Father had not existed before Him

2) In John14:28 Jesus Christ said, “My Father is greater than I.”  Thus Jesus Christ is clearly subject to God the Father.

3)  John 5:26 says, “For as the Father has life in Himself, so has He given to the Son to have life in Himself.”  This means that Jesus has life inherent in Himself, but it was not something He had of Himself.  It was granted to Him by the Father.  That is how Jesu became the ‘Self-Existent one.’  This implies He originally received life from God the Father, meaning that He was originally created by God the Father.

4) Jesus also said in John 8:28, “…but as My Father has taught Me, I speak these things.”  This clearly implies that there was a stage when the Word did not know everything and needed to be taught by God the Father.  This can only mean that the Word, or Jesus Christ has not always existed with the Father, but had a beginning and was originally created by Him and then taught everything, just as a child needs to be taught.

When I delivered this message as one of my weekly messages, very soon I had my pastor deliver a sermon reiterating the Church’s position that Jesus was not a created Being but has always existed along with God the Father.  Later other ministers gave similar sermons restating the Church’s position.  And this position was taught by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.

God restored all the truths to His Church in these end-times through Mr. Armstrong.  But my position on this issue was different from the position taken by Mr. Armstrong.  And our Church pastors were regularly giving sermons stating the Church’s position over and over again.  One morning I was specifically praying for God’s guidance in this matter.  While I was on my knees praying, God sent His angel to deliver the next message to me.  In this message God’s angel provided the four proofs that I have mentioned that Jesus Christ was a created Being.  Since then I have never wavered from my position that Jesus Christ was originally created by God the Father so long ago that we can characterize that time period only as past eternity.

There was another message in the way God’s angel delivered that message to me.  All of God’s angels have always delivered these messages in a position at my face height or slightly lower than my face height, which I interpreted as treating me as an equal.  But in this case God’s angel delivered that message to me with his presence being at a much higher height than mine.  I wondered about this.  Then the answer came to me. 

Because of my full time job, I am always pressed for time to prepare and deliver my weekly messages and writing the books I have written and put on my web site.  At that very time I was wondering whether my life would be easier if I could simply deliver messages from the Church’s publications.  I interpreted the way the angel delivered the message to me to mean that I am not to just take my messages from Church publications but I must write my own messages with original content and deliver them.  Of course I later realized the wisdom of this.  I simply must rely on God to inspire the messages so that the content and topics are original.  If I do not strive to provide original content in my messages, God will simply not give me new revelation and understanding of His Word.

10) Seeing Jesus Christ – January 20, 2009

The next message to me was not delivered by an angel, but by Jesus Christ Himself.  This message was not delivered to me in person.  It is the only one delivered to me in a dream on January 20, 2009.  I preserved the date because from now on I have decided to write down the very dates if any more messages are delivered to me in the future.

I saw Jesus in a dream at night.  The setting was the roof tops of houses in the state of Punjab.  When I saw Jesus Christ, I immediately knew that it was Jesus Christ and fell down at His feet to worship.  But Jesus Christ turned away from me to show His displeasure with me just as a person would from another person with whom he is not pleased at all.

But immediately Jesus Christ turned back to me and sat me down at His right hand on the top of an unfinished brick wall.  He looked at me and lifted me up from the collar of my shirt.  I was as light as a leaf in His hand when He lifted me up and gave me a look.  There was no mistaking the meaning of the look.  It was not one of anger at all but one of gently rebuking and correcting me.  It meant, “Don’t you get it.  I have done so much for you and given you honor in placing you in the position I have placed you.  Don’t you still get it because you are not living up to the position I have placed you in.”  Then the dream was over and I woke up.

I had to think hard to understand why Jesus Christ was not pleased with me. I was reassured that though Jesus Christ was not pleased with me, He had not rejected me.  I just needed to shape up.  But I had to struggle to understand where I needed to improve.  Was Jesus Christ displeased with me because all my messages did not have original content?  Was Jesus displeased with me because I did not keep my house perfectly clean?  Or was He displeased with me because of sin in my thoughts.  It took me nearly three and a half years to get the message and that too with a car accident that could have killed or paralyzed me.  That accident made me feel that God sought to kill me as it happened in the life of Moses.  The message was that in my personal life, I was never to compromise even one iota with sin in me, in thoughts or actions.  God sought to kill Moses because of the sin in not obeying His instructions in not circumcising his son.  God’s standard is zero sin. I was to strive towards it with my whole being and not make or accept any excuses.  Since then I have stated many times in my messages that God’s standard for every human being to live up to is zero sin.  Now I strive to live up to that standard with my whole being.

Though Jesus Christ’s message was a strong rebuke, it was still very reassuring that Jesus Christ had not rejected me but would continue to work with me.  However, many tares in the Church may like to discredit me or undermine my credibility.  But let me remind them that Moses was rebuked more than once by God.  Again, God even sought to kill Moses for violating His law in not circumcising his son, and then when he disobeyed God’s instruction to speak to the rock for water for the people, but instead he struck the rock.  So I would like to tell the tares to not count me out.    

Though Jesus Christ’s message was a strong rebuke, but it was still very reassuring that Jesus Christ had not rejected me but would continue to work with me.  And of course, subsequent fruits have indicated that He is still working with me and inspiring me.  With His inspiration I have delivered my messages and written all the books that I have posted on my web site

Those are the ten messages God has delivered to me through angels and one by Jesus Christ Himself.  Each of these revelations are pillars of truth that I use to evaluate other ideas if there is any potential conflict, and make judgments about various peoples.  Remember, Moses was called on to make judgments on Israel’s enemies.  Through these messages God has provided me many guidelines along with providing me with a good understanding of prophecy on how to make judgments on modern day Israel’s enemies and how to deal with them.  In addition there are very valuable lessons in these messages on how to live one’s life.

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